100s protest sentencing of young woman who had an abortion in her home


Close to 200 people gathered outside of the Public Prosecution Service and the Courts in Belfast yesterday (April 7) to protest against the decision to give a three month suspended sentence for two years to a young woman who had an abortion in her home.

The 21-year-old woman tried to raise funds to travel to England so she could have the procedure done legally but when she was unable to come up with the costly funds she was left with no other option but to order abortion pills online like so many other women have been forced to do.

It is likely that we will be protesting the same venue in three weeks time when the case of the woman who supplied the same pills to her daughter will be before the courts.

With over 200 activists signing a letter admitting to breaking the same law and inviting prosecution one thing is for sure, if Prosecution Services continue to harass women and other pregnant people who have had abortions we will be putting up a hell of a fight.

Protests also took place in Derry