Struggles against racism - Traveller, migrant, and direct provision perspectives - #DABF 2016 audio


From Trump in the US to Pegida in Europe, the recent resurgence of right-wing and fascist politics challenges all of us to develop stronger and stronger anti-racist social movements. From casual, everyday racism to state policies of border enforcement, racism comes in many forms in Ireland. What are the major issues faced by Travellers, by people living in Direct Provision, and by those fleeing conflicts in Africa and the Middle East? What can we do to advance the struggle against racism in all its forms?

In this panel we brought together a variety of activists from migrant, Traveller, and refugee solidarity networks to discuss experiences of challenging racism in everyday society and in state policy, and to share perspectives on developing solidarity in the struggle for survival, recognition, and respect.


Eileen Flynn is a Traveller rights activist.

Lucky Khambule is a member of the Anti-Racism Network and the Kinsale Road Asylum Centre. He will discuss “Dismantling Direct Provision”.

Caoimhe Butterly is a migrant justice ally and has spent the past months working with independent medical teams and self-organised refugee solidarity structures in Greece, Calais and the Balkans.

This panel is part of the 2016 Dublin Anarchist Bookfair, click on the Anarchist Bookfair tag to watch and listen to more bookfair recordings