The real thugs and hijackers are the G8 dealers of austerity


In the wake of this week's violent eviction of a squat in London, the state propaganda offensive is in full swing to intimidate and criminalise any opposition to the their savage anti working class agenda. Their divide and conquer strategy has been given an added boost by the organisers of this Saturday's march in Belfast city centre.

Warning any potential violent thugs to stay away, Gary Mulcahy, a spokesperson and coordinator for the G8 Not Welcome campaign and leading Socialist Party member told the Belfast Telegraph, 'If you are intent on trouble do not come near our demonstration. We won't allow this demonstration to be hijacked.' (1)

This is counter productive, marking a new low on the back of one of the biggest security lockdowns ever mounted in the North against so called threat from 'anarchist extremists'. This continues a similar pattern in previous G8 summits where sections of the left and reformist elements played into the agenda of the state and its armed wing by dividing 'good protestors' from 'bad protestors' while giving the police violence a green light to contain any opposition that moves beyond the ritual spectacle of marching from A-B.

As anarchists, we respect a diversity in tactics and believe that ultimately we can only defeat their neo-liberal agenda by building a mass movement from below. What is clear is that the only thugs and extremists that will be on display during the summit will be state terrorism and its various repressive instruments to defend the wealth and privilege of this tiny gang of eight landing on our shores.



Words: James McBarron