Resisting closed borders at the Ha'Penny bridge in Dublin


27 Feb at the Ha’penny bridge, as part of a European-wide day of protest, a crowd gathered to make a public display of resistance against the closed borders and direct provision policies of Ireland. The people refuse to silently tolerate the way mothers, fathers, sons and daughters who find themselves attempting to escape war and/or poverty are treated by and in our comparatively affluent society.

In the 59 days since January 1st 2016, 418 people have been killed due the immigration policies of Europe. Around 35% (146) are thought to have been children. Almost four and a half thousand people in Ireland (40% of whom are children) are forced to survive within direct provision; a program which systematically denies its detainees basic rights of freedom and autonomy. Each day these twin policies are allowed to continue, more will suffer, more will die unnecessarily. The cause - our governments’ indifference to the lives of the powerless.

The call of the demonstrators was Safe Passage for All, and an End to DP. The group lined either side of the bridge in silence as pedestrians crossed in between, simulating safe passage for all.

As the haggling and quibbling of government parties occupy the media, distracting us from seeing our society as it is – the suffering, the inequality, the resistance – it’s true face becomes more and more apparent to more and more people. Governments will always fail the powerless, our resistance to policies and plans for alternative systems will be our reply.

The demonstration was organised by Ireland Refugee Solidarity, AKA Dublin Calais Refugee Solidarity