Revolutionary organisation in the digital age - audio from a speaking tour of Norway

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It is a confusing time to be on the revolutionary left as everything that was once certain turns to smoke.

Technology has overturned and remade what constitutes effective communication and the construction of networks.

Quite how to organise is no longer clear, while old reference points of 1917, 1936 or even 1968 no longer provide definitive models.

This audio is a recording of a speaking tour WSM member Andrew Flood gave in Norway in June of 2014 for Motmakt, a fellow member of Anarkismo.Net with the WSM.  Andrew spokes in the following cities

  • Oslo, 16 June at 18:00 in Chateau Neuf, Slemdalsveien 15
  • Trondheim, 21 June at 16:00, Annas Kafé
  • Tromsø, 24 June 18:00 Sivertsens kafé, Vestregata 48

Drawing on some 30 years of experience on the revolutionary left in Ireland, the UK and North America with side trips to Chiapas, Gezi and beyond; Andrew Flood will examine what worked, what might work no longer and outline some ideas of how we should organise in the future.

Andrew’s presentation is based upon direct experience in struggles and revolutionary organisation over that period – with a particular focus on the experience of resisting the crisis and the revolts of 2011.

The presentation was illustrated throughout by photographs of the events discussed.

WORDS Andrew Flood (Follow Andrew on Twitter )

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Revolutionary Organistion in the Networked Age - Recording of Norwegian speaking tour June 2014 by Workers Solidarity on Mixcloud