School students walk out against Climate Change


Thousands of school pupils packed into Dublin City centre 15th March to protest the ongoing inaction at looming Climate disaster. While many of may not see the worst consequences of climate change in our lifetimes this generation will certainly witness the start of the really bad times unless action is taken in the next decade to slow and then reverse the release of Climatre Change gases.

Like many, we  were delighted and encouraged to see so many school students marching last Friday for action against Climate Change. One of those was Alice, who sent us her eye-witness report of the event.

"On the sunny morning of March 15th 2019 myself and almost everyone I knew, skipped school, grabbed their homemade signs and gathered in the city centre to protest the ever-growing threat of climate change.

We marched from St Stephens Green down to the Dáil, where there were speeches and chants. The crowd was mostly made up of secondary school students between the ages of 13 and 17, a good few college students and some primary school classes who had come as a group with their teachers. Almost everyone there held signs with all kinds of slogans, but most were funny or used puns (as seen below). The atmosphere and energy the whole time was really, really good- I could tell we were all actively trying to make a change not just using it as an excuse for a day off, and most people seemed really passionate and concerned.

The only downside was the speeches were almost inaudible due to the speaker set up but most people just spoke about their concerns as well as hopes for the future, and tried to emphasise just how important it is we make a change, and that that change happens (or at least starts) right now. I was glad I went and relieved to see so many people supporting the movement because personally I don’t think anyone realises just how bad the situation is, no one is scared yet. I believe we can actually make a difference and raise a lot of awareness if we keep moving forward with this and be consistent in our efforts."