Shell to Sea National Day of Solidarity in Mayo November 11th


Shell to Sea will have a National Day of Solidarity in Mayo on November 11th, both to remember the death of Ken Saro Wiwa and for people from around Ireland to stand in solidarity with the local community in Erris, Mayo.

In 1994 Saro-Wiwa was imprisoned in Nigeria, by order of the dictator Sani Abacha. He had strongly defended the rights of the Ogoni people, who were struggling against Shell, and criticized the government's oil policy with Royal Dutch/Shell. Despite wide international protests, Saro-Wiwa was hanged after a show trial with other eight Ogoni rights activists in Port Harcourt, on November 10, 1995.

“I accuse Shell and Chevron of practising racism against the Ogoni people because they do in Ogoni what they do not do in other parts of the world where they prospect for oil. I accuse the oil companies of encouraging genocide against the Ogoni people... The profits from oil come to Britain because it is their technology that is keeping Nigerian oil going. So they have a moral responsibility to intervene... My mission has been to inform the West of the truth of what is happening in Nigeria, which has been hidden from them. I believe if people knew they’d do something about it and stop this robbery and murder that is going on in broad daylight." — Ken Saro-Wiwa

The people struggling against Shell's planned Corrib Gas Project in Mayo have had long standing links with Ogoniland, and have worked in solidarity with each other. Shell to Sea is asking ppl to come to Mayo on Nov 11th, to stand in solidarity with both the local community in Mayo, who continue their protests against Shell's proposed inland refinery and raw gas pipeline, and to mark the anniversary of Ken Saro - Wiwa.

Dublin Shell To Sea will be organising a bus to leave Dublin at approx 6pm on Thursday 10th September from Hugh Lane Gallery on Parnell Sq. The bus will return from Mayo on Friday afternoon.

Transport costs: 30 euro employed / 10 euro unemployed. As always if you are unable to pay and would like to come please still contact us and we will look after it

Please ring / text 086 7362417 or email ASAP to book your place on the bus. Places will be allocated on first come first served basis, so plase book early to avoid disappointment.

Bring a sleeping bag, warm clothes, waterproofs & waterproof footwear! Accommodation will be provided on the Rossport Solidarity Camp.

Musicians are invited to bring their instruments to play some tunes on the day .

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