Socialist Party MEP to debate whether voting in the referendum is “a waste of time” at Anarchist Bookfair this weekend - Press Statement


“Is voting in the referendum on the Fiscal Compact Treaty a waste of time?” This will be one of the items to be discussed at the Dublin Anarchist Bookfair which takes place this Saturday (26th May) in Liberty Hall.

Socialist Party MEP for Dublin, Paul Murphy will participate in the debate during which he will argue for a no vote . Mark Hoskins of the Workers Solidarity Movement will argue that “while many on the left see a vote against the 'Austerity treaty' as a contribution to building resistance against the austerity agenda, participation in the referendum campaign merely sows illusions in a democratic sham.”

“The WSM believes that the referendum is in reality a no-win situation for those who want to build resistance to austerity and who have a vision for a socialist world,” said Gregor Kerr, WSM PRO. “We recognise though that a lot of genuine left activists see a No vote as an important part of building resistance. So we welcome this opportunity to host what should be an interesting and thought-provoking debate.”

This debate is just one of a range of meetings to be held at the Bookfair which runs all day on Saturday. Other meetings will include

· Abortion in Ireland- Is The X Case Enough? – a panel discussion with Dr. Mary Favier (Doctors For Choice) and other speakers to be confirmed

· Is It Kicking Off In Ireland? – a discussion about whether Irish people are beginning to organise against the politics of austerity with Tommy McKearney who has been involved in helping to establish the Campaign Against Household and Water Taxes, Gregor Kerr who was centrally involved in the DEIS Action Group and others

· Racism In The Recession – with Hannah McGinley Community Development Worker with the Galway Traveller Movement and Gavin Titlley, co-author of ‘The Crises of Multiculturalism? Racism in a Neoliberal Age’

· Come Here To Me: Dublin’s Other History - Sam McGrath presents his research on the life and death of English revolutionary socialist Arthur 'Neal' Wicks who was killed in action in the Easter Rising.

· Old Media In The Age Of the Internet - why bother with Radical andUnderground publishing?

· My Life in politics - Radical women speak

· Unlock NAMA

· Being an Anarchist

There will also be a number of film showings including:

· Bernadette: notes on a political journey

· Eyewitness Afghanistan

· The Viking Way

and a photographic exhibition entitled “A Decade of Resistance - Images of Struggle 2002 – 2012”

Over 20 anarchist organisations, libertarian bookservices and community campaigns will host bookstalls and information stalls at the event.

Full details of the Bookfair schedule can be found at or on facebook at

For confirmation/further information please contact Workers Solidarity Movement PRO Gregor Kerr on 086 1501151

Note:- the Dublin Anarchist Bookfair is organised by Workers Solidarity Movement (WSM), an Irish anarchist organisation with branches in Dublin, Cork and Galway and members in several other places around the country. WSM members are actively involved in many community and trade union campaigns.

For more information about the WSM visit our website