Solidarity with Marian Price: an injustice anywhere is an injustice everywhere


Hundreds of people gathered in Derry’s Bogside today in what was one of the largest demonstrations held yet in support of the imprisoned political prisoner Marian Price to demand her immediate release. Marian, a former IRA hunger striker had been interned following an Easter Commemoration in Derry last year on the order of Secretary of State, Owen Paterson. She was held at Maghaberry, an all-male prison, in isolation for over ten months. Due to serious concerns about her ailing health and continuing street protests she was eventually transferred to Hydebank Woman's Prison back in February ‘on clinical advice’.

Today’s event itself was organised by a number of independent activists from Belfast and Derry and had been led by renowned human rights campaigner Monsignor Raymond Murray and a number of Bloody Sunday relatives.

The march departed from Free Derry Corner making its way through the streets to the Guildhall Square for a rally which was attended by members of the Workers Solidarity Movement.

Amongst the hundreds who crammed into the city centre the march and rally brought together a number of high profile human rights activists, former political prisoners as well representatives from various political parties and trade unionists in a show of solidarity not seen since the 1980’s prison struggle.

The rally was also addressed by Marian’s husband, Jerry McGlinchey who thanked those in who supported the campaign for justice by demanding Marian’s immediate release.

Despite periods of heavy rain today’s rally ended on a high note by a brief call directly from Marian herself where she heard a very loud and unison shout out by those gathered: “FREE MARIAN PRICE!”