Solidarity from Rojava for Dublin bus strikers


This morning (8th September) the Bob Crow Brigade fighting ISIS in Rojava have sent solidarity greetings to the Dublin bus workers who have begun the first of 6 strike days fighting for improved wages. The image shows two volunteers posing in front of a wall which has been painted with the Starry Plough, the flag of the armed workers militia set up to protect strikers in 1913 from police attack. 'Socialism will Win' has also been paintined along with Beir Bua, which can be translated as 'good luck' or 'be victorious'.

This follows a post yesterday where two of the women involved in the fight against ISIS pose with a cardboard sign reading 'Repeal the 8th' ' No Freedom till Freedom for Women' - an expression of solidarity with the pro-choice movement in Ireland.

The Bob Crow brigade and socialist and anarchist international volunteers who have gone to Rojava, northern Syria to help defend the revolution taking place there against ISIS. We understand that at least one of them is Irish. Bob Crow was a militant trade union leader in England for the RMT who members also included Transport workers (Rail). These unusual political interventions will cause a melt down at RTE and the Sunday Independent but why is the struggle of Dublin bus workers for decent wages so important?