Spanish Revolution in Cork...

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Workers and students from the areas of Spain living here in Cork protested today on the Grand Parade in support and solidarity with the movement for ‘Real Democracy’ in their homeland.   Over a hundred turned up in pouring rain to voice and sing their anger at the failure of capitalism and lack of hope and possibilities that is offered to us under the present ‘free market’ regime.  

The protesters called on Cork people to support and join them and we did! The protest continued throughout the afternoon and was marked by its noisiness and determination.  One young protestor, Javier, told me that the protest in Spain ‘linked with those in Tahrir Square’ (in Cairo in Egypt) but ‘they are about different issues’.  The ‘system has failed and we need a new way’, he added.  ‘The protest will continue here in Cork each Saturday.  We are in solidarity with those in Spain.’ 

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