Stormont Gives The Tories The Power To Destroy Our Welfare System


It's no secret that Stormont has gone into one of its regular crises.

A few months ago they were arguing over Welfare Reform, then Kevin McGuigan was shot dead and they were then arguing about whether or not the IRA still existed (great timing for Robinson as the NAMA scandal was just being brought to light).

After that was all cleared up through a report telling us that the IRA still existed - like we didn't know - they were back to arguing over Welfare Reform.

Last March Sinn Féin and the DUP were all for it, they couldn't wait to slash the welfare budget to pieces but being the astute group of people that the Shinners are, they realised that they couldn't possibly campaign against the cuts in the South while implementing them in the North - which they have been doing for quite some time now anyway - so they backed out of the agreement.

This time round, they took the Coward's Way Out and handed the control of Welfare "Reform" (which is just a nice way of saying "destructive cuts") back to Westminster.

This was done without giving a shred of respect to those who have elected them as their representatives. Without so much as putting up a fight - probably because to do so would not look good to foreign investors, and that's all who matters really isn't it? That's the story they spin anyway.

The transfer of powers over Welfare is a cop out. We all know that this can only mean cuts. Sinn Féin and the DUP think that this means they can get away with saying that it isn't them: a blatant lie.

Meanwhile, £168,000 a week is spent on policing Twaddell Avenue.

Twaddell is the protest camp in North Belfast that has been there since July 2013. At the time the Orange Order was refused the right to march through the catholic area of Ardoyne, a decision that has been upheld.

Imagine if it was a protest camp against the cuts - the PSNI would have the protesters out within seconds, but when the protest is sectarian, something that Stormont needs in order to maintain its existence it's worth the money.

To really rub contempt in our faces, they spend £50,000 a week of our money being wined and dined.

Is it really possible that they are doing a better job than what we could all do?

Words: Fionnghuala Nic Roibeaird