Two weeks of intense strikes and protests in Ecuador push back IMF

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After almost two weeks of intense strikes and protests that brought Ecuador to a standstill and forced the government to flee the capital protesters have succeeded in their demands. The IMF backed financial package known as Decree 883 will be thrown out.

Strikes took place across the national transportation sector and large mobilisations of indigenous people played a crucial role in pushing out the IMF. Protests began in opposition to sharp rises in fuel prices by removal of state subsidies, this was one of the most hated measures of an IMF backed financial plan to be implemented by the right wing Moreno government. Also included in this plan were privatisations and state workforce layoffs.

While the government and IMF present these hikes as green policy, protesters were quick to see through this illusion and call them what they are: an austerity package directed at the working class who will pay extra to travel to work and on public transportation costs.

However, in a genuine and radical show of green direct action indigenous groups successfully shut down a number of oil fields which has halted 231,000 oil barrels destined for export. This figure was correct of the 9th Oct. and it's likely the actual number is much higher.

Solidarity to the people of Ecuador. Read the statement from the Confederation of Indigenous Nationalities of Ecuador (CONAIE)