TDs vote not to allow for abortion in cases of Fatal Foetal Abnormalities


TDs voted against Mick Wallace’s bill July 7th to allow for abortion in cases of Fatal Foetal Abnormalities. This is the second time that TDs have voted this way when Clare Daly’s bill was shot down last year.  The vote comes less than a month after the UN Human Rights Committee declared Ireland’s abortion laws to be a violation of human rights.

Not to mention that the majority of people in Ireland want the 8th amendment scratched, with eighty-seven percent wanting abortion access expanded and seventy-one percent wanting abortion to be decriminalised according to a recent Red C poll. The vote has taken place just days after Belfast saw the 10th Annual Rally for Life be outnumbered by the first ever pro-choice march in Belfast organised by Rally for Choice.

Taoiseach Enda Kenny, who voted against the bill, has described it as “bad for women”. His comments have been made in the middle of a homelessness crisis for which he is responsible that has seen in January of this year alone, one-hundred and thirty four families including two-hundred and sixty nine children presenting themselves to homelessness services. It is quite clear that Kenny and all others who voted against the bill will provide every protection possible to the fetus before birth but after, they are on their own.

At this stage it is important to emphasise that no reason is ever needed for an abortion other than someone is pregnant and does not wish to be.

Abortion rights activists will continue to look after those in need of an abortion while this cowardly, misogynist government carries on with their war against women. If you need an abortion please visit for an online consultation.