Trump hates whistle blowers and attacks Chelsea

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Meanwhile on Twitter Trump is losing it again. It's really not surprising he'd hate whistle blowers, is it?

As we said at the time her release was announced "The whistleblower and intelligence analyst Chelsea Manning is to have her 35 year sentence commuted, she will be out of jail in 5 months!

At the beginning of her time in jail she came out as trans, and faced horrific transphobia from the US Military including being forced to keep her hair short and have healthcare denied to her with these examples of structural oppression (and of course many others) leading to her attempting suicide twice in the past year.

It goes without saying that we believe that prisons and indeed the Prison Industrial Complex must be abolished, it's important to pay special attention to how these institutions affect the trans community. Trans women are frequently placed in men's prisons where they face the danger of assault, including sexual assault, and as we saw a weeks ago with Jenny Swift, death.

Manning never should have been in jail, nevertheless, this victory would not be possible without the hard work of activists, who worked tirelessly to see their friend and sister released from prison."