Workers Solidarity 92 - June/July 2006


The PDF file and articles from Workers Solidarity 92 published for June/July 2006.

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Cover story - Death by Gardai
The deaths of Terence Wheelock and John Moloney in Garda custody have again focused attention on the brutal nature of policing in this state. Brian Rossiter and John Carty are other names from a long list that have a public resonance.

Justice for Terence Wheelock
Just over a year ago, on the 2nd of June 2005 Terence Wheelock was arrested on suspicion of car theft and brought to Dublin’s Store Street Garda station. Just two hours after his arrest he was found unconscious in his cell. He entered a coma and passed away in September 2005 -

The struggle continues in Israel and Palestine
A young Israeli anarchist was shot by Israeli forces during a protest against the construction of the the so called ‘Separation Fence’ in Palestine. Matan Cohen, 17, was critically wounded when he was shot in the face with a rubber bullet, after Israeli Border Police opened fire on a group of peaceful demonstrators at Bil’in, in the occupied West Bank.

Climate Change - Root Causes & Radical Solutions
The recent spate of unusually destructive hurricanes in the US and the severe floods in Eastern Europe over the last 2 years have seen the climate change issue climbing the headlines once more. 

Indonesia: Workers occupy Securicor
Indonesian workers employed by global security giant Securicor have been through a lot. Over a year ago, they took the decision to strike – and were promptly (and illegally) sacked by the company. Since then, they have tried to win back their jobs. 

Thinking about anarchism: a touch of class.
Why are anarchists always dragging class into everything? Isn’t class struggle something more at home in a history book than in Celtic Tiger Ireland? After all you don’t see too many downtrodden workers wandering around in donkey jackets, cloth caps and heavy boots. 

Book review: The rebel sell
An interesting but deeply flawed book which is worth reading for it’s powerful deconstruction of the claims of the counterculture to be revolutionary, despite its utter confusion on the significant differences between anarchism and countercultural ideas 

James Connolly on Direct Action
At the Dublin May Day rally, the guest speaker from the Belfast & District Council of Trade Unions quoted from an article, Direct Action in Belfast, written by Connolly

CPE Victory for French youth
During March and early April a wave of protests and occupations gripped France. On March the 7th over one million people protested against the French government’s attempt to introduce the C.P.E., a new law that reduced the rights of young workers

Report of Rossport Solidarity Camp weekend
The June bank holiday saw over half the membership of the WSM travel across Ireland to take part in a weekend of activity organised by the Rossport Solidarity Camp. Rossport is a very isolated village on the Atlantic shore where Shell and Statoil are trying to impose a dangerous gas pipeline on the local population. Last year five local men spent months in prison for defying Shell. We asked one of the RSC organisers to write for our paper about the weekend.

Launch of Video Activist Collective
Revolt Video is a video activist collective set up to provide footage of political events happening in Ireland and internationally, covering the whole spectrum of social change. The collective works on the same principle as Indymedia, and alongside it will provide footage and less heard voices on issues which other mainstream media outlets ignore, often due to owners vested interests such as advertising and profit. 

That's capitalism
Various shorts on life under capitalism

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