Some WSM activity May & June 2011


As the new government backtracks on their election promises in record time (no surprises there), the problems facing workers, the unemployed and students continue to mount. While the visit of Queen Elizabeth may be seen as a distraction from these more important issues, the WSM nevertheless attended protests against her visit, including the banquet in Dublin castle, whose attendees epitomised the privileged minority who hold the power and wealth in this country. As detailed elsewhere, we mobilised in both Dublin and Cork against the visit. Check out for a more in-depth look at events in the south.

Away from these events, we remained active in relation to more bread-and-butter issues. We were present at a picket of a water metering conference held in Croke Park, the first step in the process of imposing water charges and privatising the water supply (see Our members also attended the “Party Against The Pipe” weekend in Erris in Co. Mayo (see Others have been active in organising the “Real Democracy” protests held in Dublin, Cork and Spain, inspired by and showing solidarity with similar, larger demonstrations and square occupations across Spain and Greece (see

Our annual Anarchist Bookfair passed off successfully (see article opposite), while we also hosted the latest in our “Rethinking Revolution” series with a public talk talk on the Land League in late June. Our members attended the Independent Workers Union (IWU) May Day celebrations in Dublin and Cork, with our Cork branch organising follow up talks in our Solidarity Books venue and a fund-raising “Chaos Cabaret” (jointly with the IWU) in the city. We also attended the Cork Pride march and organised a public talk to coincide with that event. Again in Solidarity Books, our series of Spring Talks continued, along with a weekly vegan café and board game and film nights, while a reading group night has just commenced, kicking off with a look at Marx’s “Das Kapital”. Continuing the theme, we also participated in a public debate with the Socialist Party titled “Marxism Vs. Anarchism”.

Within the WSM, we held our twice-yearly National Conference in our new office in Seomra Spraoi in Dublin. Motions discussed and passed covered areas such as the nature of the current crisis in Ireland, internal organising, and amendments to our position papers and administration procedures. However, whatever improvements we make to our organisation, nothing helps like increased numbers so, if you like what you are reading, then please contact us!

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