WSM activity in the Spring of 2009


In the aftermath of the racist attacks that forced over 100 Romanians to flee their homes in South Belfast, the local Workers Solidarity Movement branch is hosting an afternoon of discussion about how we can tackle racism. This will be happening in the city centre on Saturday July 18th. Watch out for posters or check for the time and venue.

Workers Solidarity Movement members who took part in the defence of homes in Belgravia Avenue and Wellesley Avenue will give their account of what happened. With the rise of the far-right, as reflected in the nazi salutes and slogans of the attackers, do we need militant anti fascism today?

There will also be discussions about the anarchist idea - anarchists want to get rid of the state and capitalism but what will we replace them with? How will we organise transport, education and health? What about crime? And we will be debating the best form of organisation for anarchists. Everyone is welcome to drop in and take part, or just to have a look.

Meanwhile in Mayo the arrival of Shell’s pipe-laying ship was preceded by an increasingly aggressive attitude by Shell’s security and the Gardai towards protesters. This reached a new level when local fisherman and Shell To Sea activist Pat O’Donnell had his boat boarded by four masked men who held him and his mate captive before sinking the vessel.

WSM members have been stepping up their work in Shell To Sea to support the local campaigners and to highlight the billions being given away to Shell and other multinationals. The corruption we live under is undeniable in this case. A disgraced cabinet minister, Ray Burke, signed rights to literally billions in gas and oil away to big oil companies. In return the taxpayer got nothing. And this is hardly commented on in the press or on TV.

Millions of euros have been spent on what has felt like a garda occupation of Erris. Finding that money was no problem. It’s such a different story when money is needed to keep beds open in Crumlin children’s hospital or get a new school building in Tipperary. Looking after one of the wealthiest companies in the world appears to be more important than giving our children decent schools, or even saving their lives.

We know there are very real limits to what we can cover in a paper that appears only every two months, but we do hope that it gives some idea of anarchism. And we hope it shows its relevance to the very real concerns people have at present.

We are producing 10,000 copies, in northern and southern editions. We would like to make that a lot more. To interest people in anarchism we first have to let them know it exists, and that it is nothing like the absurd stereotype conjured up by much of the media.

If you want to help us let more people know about the anarchist alternative, why not take a bundle of Workers Solidarity and give them out to friends, at work, at gigs or put them through neighbours’ letterboxes. Send us your name and address, and we’ll send you 20 copies (more if you want them).

Workers Solidarity 110 July - August 2009 Edition

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