WSM activity at the start of 2008


MFebruary saw many of the newer members meet up at a day long session for discussions about anarchist ideas, why we talk about class, how we fight women’s oppression, anarchist organisation, anarchist history, the Spanish Revolution, Russia: revolution and counter revolution and practical organising in our unions & communities.

We do regular events like this to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to discuss and learn. In the WSM there are no leaders and led, internal education and debate is vital for any truly democratic organisation that wants to remain that way as it grows..

February also saw the formation of a new WSM branch in Belfast. You can get in touch at belfastwsm@ or 079 2847 9308.



As we go to press, final preparations are being made for the Workers Solidarity Movement’s third annual Dublin Anarchist Bookfair on March 15th. From noon to 6pm the Teachers Club at 36 Parnell Square will be full of stalls selling books, pamphlets, DVDs and t-shirts. But it’s not all about books.

There will also be thirteen meetings on topics as varied as anarchism for beginners, the health service: incompetence or sabotage, climate change - can this be dealt with in our free market world, Palestine - what can be done by people here, and the struggle for a woman’s right to choose in 21st century Ireland. It’s all free, more details at

As the Sunday Times said “if the last two are anything to go by, it’ll be amazingly well organised”.

The WSM stands for a society where production is organised to meet human needs and desires rather than to generate profit for a few. We hold that there should no limits on human liberty other than respect for the liberty of others. We believe in democracy, in direct democracy. This means everyone being able to have a say in making the decisions that will effect them.

We are an organisation of working class anarchists who have come together to maximise the impact of anarchist ideas. Pooling the resources of many people allows us to distribute 10,000 copies of this paper every two months, and 1,000 copies of our twice yearly magazine, Red & Black Revolution. It allows us to discuss the best ways to advance working class interests, and prioritise particular activities rather than be so widely dispersed as to have little effect.

Every additional person who joins adds a little bit more to what we can achieve. To find out more you can write to the WSM, P.O. Box 1528, Dublin 8; or email us at

From Workers Solidarity 102 the issue for March & April 2008



PDF of the Ulster edition of Workers Solidarity 102

PDF of the southern edition of Workers Solidarity 102