Internal Bulletin


Document detailing the production of the Internal Bulletin, how often it appears and who is responsible for placing reports etc in it. The IB is circulated to all WSM members. Last updated April 2006


a Workers Solidarity Movement policy statement


Internal Bulletin


Internal Bulletin

1. The Internal Bulletin (IB) ensures all WSM members are aware of issues being discussed at a National Conference, of the general state of the organisation and of decisions reached at National Conference. Responsibility for its production rests with the Internal Secretary, who shall see that it is produced and distributed to each member, before and after each National Conference.

2. Any member may submit material for inclusion. All such material shall be included without alteration or censorship.

3. Each IB will carry a notice listing the holders of the following positions: Internal Secretary, National Secretary, International Secretary, Treasurer, Editor of Red & Black Bulletin, Editorial Board of Workers Solidarity, Editorial Board of Red & Black Revolution, and co-ordinators for campaigning work (e.g. water charges, Justice for Abu-Jamal, etc.).

4. The Internal Secretary will compile a list of decisions made/policies agreed by WSM conference and place it in the first IB following conference.

5. . Pre-conference IBs will contain a report of actions taken in respect of motions passed by the two previous Conferences and a draft agenda as prepared by the Internal Secretary, reports, motions and any other business members wish to put before conference.

Motions submitted to an IB which are not discussed at the following National Meeting be automatically placed on the agenda for the nest Conference (and placed in the pre-conference IB).

6. In each pre-conference IB reports will be given by officers and other members who have specific areas of responsibility. This is to inform members and allow them to see that mandates are being carried out.

These reports shall include:

National Secretary: correspondence sent and received from individuals and organisations within Ireland, news of new members (and any resignations), a financial report, a report and record of all WSM national meetings and conferences, a report on distribution of WSM publications, reports of national WSM activities and initiatives.

International Secretary: correspondence sent and received, news received from/about anarchist organisations and activities abroad.

Bookservice Organiser: brief details of new titles in stock, advertising undertaken, sales report.

Branch Secretaries: local WSM activities and initiatives, WSM contributions to campaigning work (with a brief report of activities undertaken, arguments put, and an assessment of our successes/failures), distribution of WSM publications, decisions taken by the branch, and brief minutes of each branch meeting during that month.

Last amended November 2007