WSM Rebooting in Belfast - a New Activist Writes


Thoughts and rambles from a new WSM activist, an open invitation to the pissed off masses - Does the state of the world today make you despair? Perhaps you know deep down there's something wrong, that the constant stream of hate and fear pedalled by a media owned by a handful of billionaires is bringing out the worst in humanity? But wasn't it partially our own governments fault for selling guns and bombs to these warmongering states you ask? In, say for example, the Middle East? Maybe dropping countless bombs on civilian targets contributed to the huge flow of innocent refugees towards Europe and western countries?

It may sicken you to see how suicide rates amongst queer people and especially children in so-called liberal western countries are hugely disproportionate to that of the general population (1), and how the barely concealed aggression towards people of different sexual/gender orientations is encouraged by a Christian fundamentalist political class – the attitude 'gays can be cured' comes to mind. (2)

How is it issues around a woman's control of her own body have been decided for the most part by a bunch of old men? They cry out against the 'murder' of an unborn child but who are only to happy to turn their back on that child as soon as it is born! Cutting funding to hospitals, schools, childcare, communities and arts, cutting taxes for the rich and allowing a small elite to become ever more wealthy while the rest of us grovel at their feet in adoration for the scraps they throw us through charities. Oh Mercy! Thanks and praise be upon those Gajillionaire wise-men who bring us jobs and riches! Why any of us could be them if only we buckled down and worked hard! From seeing simple things like closure of small shops as huge mega beastie supermarkets take over, maybe you've noticed how at nearly every level of society it is the people who have money that get to make the decisions? We are told jobs have been created, but who the F**K wants to work in a call centre, a bank or a supermarket anyway? When a shop workers till is counted and is found to be wrong by pennies they can lose their job, but when an investment banker gambles away millions of pounds the tax payer pays for it!

Between high-level government policies forcing fracking on communities without their consent, (3,4), unaffordable and crappy public transport and the plastic economy, (a million plastic bottles bought world-wide every minute!) (5)(6) we are heading towards a pretty messy future world. Climate-change deniers aside, if the government really wanted to take action on climate change maybe political parties would stop accepting donations from the petro-chemical industry?

Ever had thoughts similar to any of these? Ever feel like you want to make a difference but aren't sure how? We would like to invite you to our open meetings! We are starting a monthly meet-up, to discuss non-authoritarian organising; run according to our beliefs in self-organisation and DIY attitude. We strongly encourage the idea that the revolution starts at home; only by meeting, organising and sharing skills and knowledge can we be the change we want to see for a more just society. Sitting at home will change nothing! Giving your vote to some far-off career politician is not going to change the world! Our emphasis will be on practical action as well as discussion.

We will have workshops covering topics like; thought provoking public art and communication, writing and journalism - Free the Media, Be the Media! (7), direct action and protest, conversations on anarchism, self-organisation and direct democracy. We want to encourage those who feel they have no voice to break through the barriers of silence created by the powerful, and ROAR!

WSM (Worker's Solidarity Movement) is a group which is pursuing true social justice through radical transformation of our society; we stand with the oppressed and defiant peoples of the world (refugees, workers, LGBTQ, environmental groups, travellers, First and indigenous peoples and cultures to name but a few). We are aiming to create a safe and welcoming environment to discuss and carry out radical action, share ideas and build a movement of resistance to the forces of profit and destruction. As a platformist group we welcome input and ideas from other sites of struggle, and in fact believe we must work together to make a difference. There is no previous experience, theoretical knowledge, or convictions required; we simply ask that you come with an open mind and a courageous spirit, and hopefully we can convince you of our belief that it is only through action that we can change the world!

In Solidarity and Defiance,
Patsy Caoróg