WSM & SP MEP Paul Murphy debate fiscal treaty & what the left should say - DABF2012 Audio

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Mark Hoskins of the WSM debates MEP Paul Murphy on what positions the left should take on the Fiscal Compact to be voted on in Ireland May 31st.  The SP is arguing for a No vote, the WSM argues that the vote doesn't matter, what matters is resistance to austerity. This debate took place at the 2012 Dublin Anarchist Bookfair in Liberty Hall.

Each speaker got 20 minutes to explain their position followed by 40 minutes of questions and discussion from the floor.

Many on the left see a vote against the 'Austerity treaty' as a contribution to building resistance against the austerity agenda. But does participating in the referendum campaign just sow illusions in a democratic sham, and is the referendum in reality a no-win situation for those who want to build resistance to austerity and who have a vision for a socialist world?

You can download 'SP MEP Paul Murphy debate fiscal treaty & what the left should say' from the Internet Archive (page)

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