Get involved with the WSM this summer - sign up for the membership drive


2016 is turning into a momentous year. Victory now looks certain in the water charges campaign but it was never just about water and a victory that leaves the ruling parties in power has a sour taste. The 1916 commemorations reminded us that even small numbers of committed organised people can initiate big changes, but also that limiting what is fought for will result in the capitalist class reasserting control as soon as the gun smoke clears.

The Dublin Anarchist Bookfair demonstrated once more that there is a huge interest in anarchist ideas. Hundreds took part in the event and although it was free we can now confirm that donations from those attending have covered the entire cost of about 2600 euro. The DABF is a good example of how anarchists organised together can make things happen that otherwise would not take place.

The challenge for all of us, including you dear reader, is to turn that interest in anarchism into effective anarchist organisation in every neighbourhood, workplace, school, college and townland across the island. The ability of WSM to contribute to that process is limited by the number of members we have. We know a lot of you are interested in contributing so to make it easy for you to get involved we will be running a membership drive over the summer.

Here is how you can take part
1. Help make this callout more visible by liking and sharing this announcement of Facebook so more people following the page will see it. Feel free to ask question in the comments which will also help.
2. If you are already in our email contact system ( ) make sure you have ticked the 'Become a Member' box. We will be contacting everyone who has early next week so keep an eye on your emails for more details. Note if you use gmail google sends our emails to the Promotions tab so keep an eye on that.
3. If you are not already an email contact create an account now at and check 'Become a Member'