Belfast: Picket of subway to reinstate sacked migrant worker


After a successful picket, another one will take place outside Subway

6 – 8 Great Victoria Street


12.30-1.30pm.Remember Dasa Kacova and Delaney’s Restaurant?

Natalia Szymanska, a young Polish woman was sacked from Subway in her fifth month of pregnancy on a spurious charge of being in breach of the company’s health and safety policy.

The ICTU Migrant Workers Unit appealed the dismissal but the hearing was not conducted fairly by Subway and they upheld the decision.

It is unacceptable in this day and age that employers can still mistreat and discriminate workers in this way.

The Irish Congress of Trade Unions will expose and challenge the mistreatment of workers and in particular the pregnant migrant workers who are the most vulnerable in our society.

We call on Subway to:-

· immediately reinstate the pregnant worker,

· reimburse her for loss of earnings,

· compensate her for the injury to feeling,

· treat all workers fairly.

The picket is being organised B&DTUC and ICTU.

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