Dublin basic anarchist educationals series


The WSM is running a series of basic educationals on anarchism. They are aimed both at our own members and those considering joining the WSM and who wish to check out our politics in more detail. The presentation will last around 45 minutes followed by an open discussion. Each educational will take an historical approach to the topic at hand. If your interested in taking part in these email us at wsm.ireland@gmail.com - Sunday March 28th: The labour movement and its role as the agent of change in society - Saturday 3rd April An overview of how capitalism works and its historical development. - Saturday 10th April Platformism: From Bakunin to the WSM, there has been a tendency in anarchism that advocating anarchists forming specific libertarian organisations in order to influence mass organisations. - Saturday 17th April The Spanish Revolution: anarchists heavily influenced the Spanish labour movement and its revolutionary response to the 1936 fascist coup d'etat. - Date Unknown (April/May): Libertarian socialism. A look at the institutional structures of a post-capitalist society, with a focus on economic organisation.