Dublin Rally in memory of Toyosi Shittabey (15) murdered on Good Friday

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Toyosi ShittabeyA rally will taken place in Dublin, Saturday 10th April at 14.00 in memory of of Toyosi Shittabey (15) who was stabbed in an attack at Tyrrelstown, north-west Dublin on Good Friday (April 2nd 2010).  It will be followed by a march to the Dail and has been called by the Toyosi Memorial Committee.

To honour the memory of Toyosi Shitta-Bey, who tragically died last Friday, his family and friends are organising a march and rally to call on communities to unite against racism this Saturday. Please spread the word and encourage friends, family and colleagues to come along.

According to the Laois Nationalist "It is believed that Toyosi may have been attacked following a row sparked by racist jibes. More than a thousand people braved chilling gale-force winds on Sunday night to pay their respects to the slain teenager in a candlelight vigil at the scene of his killing." [Read more]

The Gombeen Nation blog reports that "There is no doubt that the killing of Toyosi Shittabey in Tyrellstown was motivated by racism.  The fifteen year old, a talented footballer who played for Shelbourne’s youth team, was walking home from the swimming pool in Blanchardstown with friends when they were subjected to racial abuse by two scumbags in the Mount Eustace estate. [Read on]

"The people who did this are animals. There is no mercy in this world." - Boloa Shitabbey

Facebook Justice for Toyosi Shittabey group