Mexican activists speak in Dublin


Meet activists who have helped to build one of the most hopeful experiments in self management and peoples power in recent years.For over a year Oaxaca in the south of Mexico has witnessed the massive growth of strong and vibrant social movements. Unsurprisingly, the state has responded to people power with violence and repression. The broad based social movements, which include unions and community groups, have developed new forms of popular media. Activists involved in the social movements and in alternative radio and Indymedia will be speaking in Dublin this Sunday (7/10/07) in Seomra Spraoi at 5 pm. Seomra Spraoi is self-managed social centre in the heart of Dublin(Mary's Abbey just off Capel street just follow the Luas line in the direction away from town). All are welcome. More details on the talk will be available tomorrow.

La lucha sigue !