Organising for Anarchism: Public Meeting and Discussion


Organising for Anarchism: Public meeting and discussion in Limerick
this Saturday, Nov 24th.

Organising for Anarchism: Public meeting and discussion in Limerick.

Over the past two decades anarchism has grown to become a prominent current in Irish political life. Its emphasis on grassroots
organising, direct action and participatory structures appeals to more and more people.

The Workers Solidarity Movement has played a key role in spreading the ideas of anarchism, and has proven their value through hard work in many significant struggles.

When? this Saturday, Nov 24th at 3pm..

Where? Venue: Riddlers, 9 Sarsfield Street
Who? Speaker: Aileen O'Carroll

Although we have accomplished much, our work is just beginning. Come along this Saturday and be part of a discussion on where we have come from and where we might take things. All welcome.

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