Political hip hop gig in Dublin to raise funds for Anarchists Against the Wall


Next week the WSM and Porco dio are holding a benefit gig for the Israeli group 'Anarchist Against the Wall'. A young Israeli anarchist was shot by Israeli forces during a protest against the construction of the the so called ‘Separation Fence’ in Palestine. Matan Cohen, 17, was critically wounded when he was shot in the face with a rubber bullet, after Israeli Border Police opened fire on a group of peaceful demonstrators at Bil’in, in the occupied West Bank.June, 29 2006 8pm
Emcee Lynx (USA) + Disfunktional + Project 77 + Dj Krossphader
The Lower Deck, Portobello, Dublin, The Lower Deck, Portobello, Dublin,
Cost: 6/5 euro


1/2 proceeds to Israeli Anarchists Against the Wall via the WSM May 1st branch


Links for bands :


Project 77
(Dual Male / Female Hip Hop http://www.myspace.com/project_77 )

Dysfunctional (Northside 4 life Hip Hop / Rap http://www.myspace.com/disfunktional)

For details of Anarchists Against the Wall see

Map to the lower deck ...
You can get a 19 / 19A / 122 from O'Connell Street or Dame Street get off after the bus after it passes by crawdaddy / red box and walk up the road to the bridge on the canel take a right theres a concrete park there and hey presto you are at the lower deck ...