Successful Belfast anarchist bookfair


The 2ND Belfast Anarchist Bookfair recently took place building on the success of the previous year. Stalls were provided by the WSM, Choice Ireland, Just Books, Organise! and Revolutionary Anarcha-feminist group(RAG) as well as groups from as far as England and Scotland including Solidarity Federation giving the bookfair an international flavour. The Bookfair provides a healthy platform for constructive debate and discussion from past to present struggles. To exchange experiences, to reflect and agitate are all essential ingredients for a stronger, more vibrant class struggle anarchist movement in the future. Below are some of the audio recordings from of the public meetings which took place on the day.
Immigrant Workers and Racism
Contribution from Francois and member of Organise! on recent wave of immigration. Davy Carlin member of WSM also spoke on his involvement as Chair of the Anti-Racist Network in confronting racism and racist attacks.

Currents in Working Class Self Organisation: Anarcho-Syndicalism
Jacque from Solidarity Federation spoke on the tradition and history of anarcho-syndicalism as a current, often the strongest within revolutionary class struggle which still continues to this day.

Fighting Unions - panel and discussion on workplace resistance and the Trades Unions
Contributions from Jason Brannigan of Organise! and Alan MacSimon of the WSM. Both gave a thorough and articulate talk on their respective organisation’s take on trade unions and workplace resistance. Members of the audience also contributed including members of the Socialist Party who gave a brief up to date on the struggle of the sacked airport workers against their employers and Trade union bureaucracy. The debate ensued on key questions from the potential of mainstream unions to revolutionary transform society to the illusion in bringing about change by electing lefty trade union officials.

All are well worth the download
Please click on the link below for detailed info and reports from the Bookfair

Special thanks to Organise! For hosting and organising the book fair and everyone who attended.
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