Workers Solidarity 1 - Nov 1984


In 1984 the first Workers Solidarity hit the streets. Costing 20p, its print run of 1,000 was mainly sold around the pubs of Cork and Dublin on Friday nights, outside the GPO and the Cork women's labour exchange.

Articles included
- Garret Fitzgerald
- Planning for progress
- Planning for poverty
- Them and us (became 'that's capitalism')
- Anarchism, socialism & Freedom
- Russian Free Trade Union
- Our history
- Dunnes stores strike
- Verolme dockyard closure
- Equality
- Victory to the miners

If you have the time please type up one of the articles and post it as a comment here, then we can add the text of that article to our archive.

Download the PDF file of WS1


Garret Fitzgerald is forever going on about how we are living beyond our means, telling us to tighten our belts even more. For doing this he picks up £44,350 in wages plus £50,000 for travel expenses. He has put a gang of his Fine Gael friends on the payroll as 'advisors'. For wages, transport, advisors, subsidised food, free postage and all the rest he costs us a cool £146,000 a year. PAYE workers are footing nearly all of thie bill. It's a waste of money. We cannot afford him!

Thanks to Mark Harrison of Hands Off The People Of Iran who transcribed the Garret Fitzgerald article for us from the PDF file of Workers Solidartiy No1