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Workers control and nationalism in Ireland in 1922


The Limerick General Strike of 1918 called the Limerick Soviet (workers' council) into being. This was the first incident to draw general attention to the new spirit developing amongst Irish workers. The Limerick General Strike was however a strike against the imposition of British military permits and though it was regarded with distrust in some Nationalist quarters, it was supported by numbers of Limerick employers and shopkeepers. That the Limerick Soviet was used by workers to bring down prices and force up wages was a fact overshadowed by the military permit question.

Communism vs. reforms, mistakes of the Communist Party of Ireland


This critique of the program of the Communist Party Of Ireland was published in 1922 by the British Workers' Socialist Federation group. Thye had broken from the 3rd international over electoralism and other issues.

The story of the Citizen Army


The playwrite Sean O'Casey was the first secretary of the Irish Citizen Army and in 1914 had drafted its constitution . He wrote this history of the Citizen Army in the period after the 1916 rising. By the time of the rising he had resigned from the ICA in protest at its decision to allow joint membership with the Irish Volunteers. O'Casey played no part in the rising although with other civilian men he was interned in the course of the rising.

No Wash protest ends - Hunger strike Begins! (1981)


A second Hunger Strike has begun, with Bobby Sands, who is serving 14 years for possession of a gun, refusing food on Sunday, March 1st. He will be joined later by others, including it is thought, 2 of the previous women hunger strikers from Armagh.

Outta Control - issue 13 March 1981


Published every four weeks by the Belfast Anarchist Collective. This issue included a four page supplement 'Gaining Ground" 'produced independently by Anarcha-feminists'

History of the early People's Democracy (1970)


The No6 edition of the British "Anarchy" magazine published in 1970 was largely given over to articles written by members of 'Peoples Democracy'. This article gives a PD view of the history of the north from 1960 to 1970 including the formation of the Northern Ireland Civil Rights Association (NICRA) and the origins of People's Democracy.

Anarchy magazine No 6 - published 1970


Anarchy Magazine was an anarchist magazine published in London from the 1960s. It was originally published by Colin Ward. A second series was published in the 1970s and 1980s from London. Issue No 6 published in 1970 was largely given over to articles written by members of People's Democracy. The PDF file linked to here is a scan of that issue, we have also transcribed some of the articles.

Anarchist Worker - May/June 1979


PDF of Anarchist Worker No1 the publication of Anarchist Workers Alliance, formed in Dublin in December 1978, dissolved around 1981/2? Seven issues were published.

Resistance - June/July 1983


Anarchist newspaper from 1983 published by the Dublin Anarchist Collective

The Contaminated Crow - Feb 1980


Anarchist newspaper published in 1980 by a collective in Dublin and Belfast. This issue is on the anti nuclear movement

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