Article index for WSM article published before 2006


Up until 2006 all WSM articles published after 1990 were hosted as part of the Struggle collection on another server.  We hope to eventually move all the articles stored there to this site but in the meantime these subject indices take you to the pages still stored on that site.

Anarchism and community struggles
Community struggles in Ireland

News of struggles in Ireland
Personal reports from WSM members of events they took part in or attended

Anarchism and the European Union
An index of articles and links on the European Union and opposition to the construction of a bosses Europe. Includes details of forthcoming protests in Ireland.

Against capitalist globalisation
Analysis of and eyewitness accounts from the struggles against corporate globalisation

The fight against the Bin Charges
Articles on the anti bin charge campaigns in Dublin and Cork

Thinking about anarchism
Explains many of the basic ideas of anarchism and how they apply in Ireland

Workplace struggles and the unions
analysis of the unions alongside specific coverage of strikes and workplace disputes in Ireland

Women's Liberation
Under modern capitalism women continue to receive lower pay then men and in many countries are still legally discriminated against.

Refugees & Asylum seekers in Ireland
The struggle for freedom for refugees and Asylum seekers in Ireland

The anarchist arguments against capitalism
A guide to how capitalism functions and why it is destroying our world and the people who live on it.

 Drumcree, July 12th and the Orange Order
an anarchist analysis of sectarianism in Ireland and the role the Orange Order has played


Stop refuelling at Shannon warport
Shannon airport in offically 'neutral' southern Ireland has been used for at least a decade to refuel US war planes.

Housing, space and squatting in Ireland
Index of articles conerned with housing, social spaces and squatting

Anarchism and the fight against Imperialism
Areas covered include S11, the 1991 Gulf War, 2001 Afghan war and the UN interventions in Somalia and Yugoslavia.

Anarchism and Religion
Anarchists traditionally have a hostile attitude to religion, summed up by the slogan 'No Gods, No Masters'

The Irish economy
A look at how the economy has functioned from the early 1980's on.

The Irish 'Peace Process'
Articles and statements about the Irish 'Peace Process' and the IRA cease-fire

Imperialism and northern Ireland
Irish anarchist texts written from the early 1980's to the mid 1990's on the conflict in northern Ireland and the respective roles of British imperialism, Irish republicanism and loyalism

The Russian Revolution
The Russian revolution of October 1917 was a defining point for socialism. Was there an anarchist alternative to both Leninism and the return of Czarism

Crime, prison and punishment
What is crime and who defines it, if we get rid of the police then who will stop crime occuring.

Modern anarchist writings by women
recent writings by anarchist women

Anti - Racism in Ireland
Articles on racism in Ireland as it effects Irish Travellers

Anarchist history and theory on revolution
Anarchists insist that to get rid of capitalism and all its oppressions we need a revolution. But what exactly is a revolution and who can create one

Anarchism in Ireland
An index of Irish anarchist resources and contacts on the internet

Anarchism, ecology and the environment
General theory plus reports of lots of Irish direct action protests related to the environment

The international anarchist movement
Articles on the anarchist movement and anarchist organisations all over the world

Corruption in Irish politics
A look at the known and unknown corruption scandals of politics in Ireland

Community organising and the Dublin drugs (heroin) crisis
Heroin killed hundreds of young people in Dublin in the poorest working class communities which have organised a number of anti - drug campaigns in response.

The fight against the Water Charges
The story of how the Water Charge was defeated in Dublin

The fight for Abortion rights
A history of the fight for abortion rights in Ireland and the issues central to this fight.

The anarchist movement in Ireland
Articles on the libertarian movement in Ireland

Reclaim the Streets
Articles on Reclaim the Streets in Ireland and the politics of transport and space

Education, anarchism and education struggles
An index of anarchist articles about education and about the struggles of students and those who work in education