Finding out more about anarchism & WSM reading list

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In order to become more familiar with what anarchism stands for the following are recommended by the WSM. Where possible we are also creating an audio file of the text being read, click on the Listen link to be taken to the audio.

Book length introductions

Good introductory articles on the basics

Unlike others on the left anarchists do not wish to become the government either through elections or through a Bolshevik-style coup.  We believe a free society is only possible if rather than a minority ruling everyone rules through a system of assemblies and delegate councils.  We also don't think struggles against oppression (racism etc.) should be subsumed under the class struggle, rather we think it's important to understand how they intersect with class struggle, sometimes in transformative ways.

The anarchist movement is a broad church in terms of its ideas and tendencies. While, historically, anarchism has been dominated by the class struggle tradition, there have also be 'individualist' and utopian currents, for example. The WSM was founded as a class struggle anarchist organisation. It identifies with the so-called 'Platformist' tradition in anarchism, which emerged in the 1920s.

This is an early version of this list, we will be modifying it considerably in the near future.