Spanish revolution

Articles on the Spanish revolution that started July 19 1936 once the civil war started by the fascists spread to mainland Spain. During the revolution millions of workers organised in the anarchist CNT union took part of a huge experiment in workers self management from the advanced industries of Barcelona to the primitive farming conditions of Aragon. This article on the collectivisation as well as on the politics of the revolution and counter revolution itself.

Anarchism in Action in the Spanish Revolution - Chapter 2


Anarchism is a most misunderstood set of ideas. It is constantly portrayed as meaning chaos and violence. Nothing could be further from the truth. Anarchists believe in creating a classless society. They oppose capitalism as a system that puts the profits of a small minority of bosses before the needs of the vast majority. It is a system based on the exploitation of workers, a system that inevitably causes poverty starvation and war. Anarchists oppose authority in the sense of opposing the 'right' of any small minority to have power over everyone else. They oppose the State (meaning government, army, police, courts) as an institution whose purpose is to enforce the will of a minority on the majority.

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