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Radio report from the Toyosi's Shitabbey Solidarity Rally for Friends and Family


People gathered at the Garden of Remberance on the 10th of April - to support the family of Toyosi Shitta-bey, a 15 year old boy who died after being attacked on Good Friday.  People were there to send out a message that racist attacks have no place in the Irish society that we want, and that this should never happen again.

Launch of Irish Anarchist Review - audio


The first copies of this new publication were distributed as Gardai attacked the Anglo Irish bank occupationon Saturday 15th May and then attempted to stop the anti-capitalist bloc march on Tuesday 18th May but this was the formal launch of the new WSM magazine Irish Anarchist Review. Much of the content of the magazine looks at the fight against the capitalist crisis in the workplace. Authors & editors introduce the articles followed by some questions about the new format.

Israeli Apartheid, BDS and Grassroots Resistance in Palestine - Audio from the Anarchist Bookfair


Dublin solidarity with the Freedom Flotilla marchThis is the recording of the 'Israeli Apartheid, BDS and Grassroots Resistance in Palestine' from the 2010 anarchist bookfair. The speaker is Freda Hughes from the Ireland Palestine Solidarity Campaign. Topics covered in the one hour audio include the apartheid wall and settlements, experiences of the occupied territories, popular committees and Bi'lin, the cage protest and other direct actions, how Israeli activists argue for the boycott, Zionism, the freedom flotilla, Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions.

The Media as truth killer - Radio Solidarity Prog. 4


The audio of Radio Solidarity show 4 is now online. It's all about the Media, how they shape reality to suit their needs, how they attempt to manufacture Consent, how being corporate has lead to 'Churnalism' and how the truth becomes a casualty.

The battle for Divorce in Ireland - Interview


Unfortunately, when making the most recent Radio Solidairity program, we couldn't fit in all the interviews that we did for the show.  In the show we were showing how the Irish Catholic church contolled and dictated Social policy for the most part at the behest of the State itself. 

Scuffles at gates of Dail in response to bank bailouts


Around a thousand people marched through Dublin tonight to protest against the bail out of the banks. When the march reached the gates of the Dail a group went through the gates where they were attacked by Gardai with batons.

IT workers and struggles in work over time - 3rd Rethinking Revolution discussion


In this audio download from the third of the Rethinking Revolution sessions  Aileen O'Carroll draws on the stories and diaries of those working in IT company’s to talk about the secrets and contradictions of working in a global industry. The myth is that IT workers happily work a 60 hour week but like workplaces of a previous era, there is a struggle over the nature of work and the length of working time within our lives. The left tends to focus on the formal visible struggles conducted through trade unions. What can this other level of often individualised struggle teach us in the fight for a new world?

Focus on Catholic church in Ireland - Radio Solidarity 3 is now online


Radio Solidarity program no. 3 - focussing on the Church and how it silenced Society - is up on the NearFM podcast site. In this show we tackle the Church and State, their joint complicity in the abuse of children, the subjugation of women and the policing of social norms. This months guests include Dr Helen Keyes, Dairmauid Ferreter, Mags O Brein, Mannix Flynn as well as the usual RS crew

Mayday in Dublin - going through the motions.


This year May Day fell on a Saturday, meaning that the Dublin march would take place on the day itself. Almost a wash-out (owing to two hours of quite heavy rain right before the demonstration) the march was essentially going through the motions of a Dublin May Day from beginning to end.

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