Protest in Liberties due to traffic chaos caused by Fatima


Residents in the vicinity of the construction being undertaken on the site of the recently demolished Fatima Mansions today protested at the entrance of their estate over the inadequacy of a long time promised traffic management system which had been promised to them prior to construction work beginning. Two simultaneous blockades were mounted at either end of Lorreta Road, residents joined and left with a fluctuating prescence of anywhere between ten and fifteen maintaining the line on either side of the estate. Marylands is an estate located close to the canal, just off Marrowbone Lane beside Cork Street. Traffic on any given day on Marrowbone Lane is hectic, with cars using it as a route to cut through the Liberties to reach Cork St, leaving a very narrow artery dangerously clogged with passage for cyclists generally untenable at peak hours without using the paths.

Rossport Solidarity Camp Reopens 2006


Rosssport Solidarity Camp is re-opening at the moment, in preparation for any attempt by Shell to recommence work, something that they couldn’t do over winter, due to the fatal combination of rain and bog.

Rossport Solidarity Camp June Bank Holiday Gathering


To celebrate our 1-year anniversary and to get more people to Co. Mayo and involved with the campaign, we are hosting a June bank holiday weekend gathering on the camp. The gathering will take place from the 2nd to the 5th of June

Visit Rossport Solidarity Camp with the WSM in 2006


The battle by the community in Rossport Co. Mayo to prevent Shell from riding roughshod over their rights and safety shot to national prominence late last year when 5 local men (who became known as the Rossport 5) spent over 3 months in jail. The men were imprisoned for protesting against attempts by Shell to bring a high-pressure gas pipeline across their lands in close proximity to their homes.

A Liberties student on the plan to move NCAD out of the area


Being a resident of the Liberties, getting accepted into the National College of Art and Design was a wonderful thing. Not only is it one of the top colleges of Ireland but it is a ten minute journey from my house each morning. NCAD has been one of the main landmarks of the Liberties since it moved there in 1980. However, if the plans of the college director go ahead it will be moving to the cultural wasteland of UCD's Belfield campus. The move to UCD is opposed by staff and students alike in both of the colleges.

Rossport - Go west (and make Shell go offshore)


Though the issue of the Rossport pipeline was last in the news when the the five local men were released from prison, the conflict with Shell hasn't gone away. Since then the government commissioned a report, which essentially whitewashed Shell and gave the go ahead to build this dangerous pipeline

Dublin Shell to Sea Fundraiser


Big krimbo fund raiser December 15th

Meeting on water privitisation in Bolivia - might have relevence to whats coming at us next!




De pie por el agua - standing up for water!

History of Householders Against Service Charges Cork


Just three years ago 7 people were jailed in Cork city as part of the campaign against the first attempt at non -collection. HASC members then brought their refuse to the City Hall when it was left uncollection. Fines led to imprisonment. The campaign succeeded with the corporation backing down. A few weeks later the High Court ruled that the council had to collect under the Health Acts, these were subsequently amended by the government to allow for non- collection. The first to suffer from this were in Dublin, but the plan was afoot for the rest of the country. Threatening letters have gone out in Cork city to all households. November 17th is the designated day for the beginning of non-collection in Cork and forces are being gathered for the showdown. The key issue now is to organise as many areas as possible, get people aware of the alternatives to Corporation collection and organise tactics to put the council on the defensive.

Bin Tax struggle reaches peak in Dublin


The campaign against the bin-tax in Dublin has seen an upsurge of community resistance to the government. The mainstream media is usually hostile to the campaign and doesn't bother reporting many actions. Below is a summary of activity in two areas, activity which is being replicated right across the city.

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