Irlande : Rébellion massive contre l’ultralibéralisme


Manifs monstres et syndicats pas forcément loyaux envers les salarié-e-s, la crise en Irlande nous donne peut être un petit avant-goût de ce qui nous attend en France. Les communistes libertaires sont en pointe dans la lutte.

Swords: Public Meeting on the capitalist crisis and anarchism


They got us into this mess but now they want us to pay the price for it too! With the economic crisis now in full swing, anarchists are arguing for fundamental change and an end to capitalism. How can we achieve this and how should the new society be organised?

Thursday May 14th 8pm
Hawthorn Hotel,
Main Street,

Dublin: Stop The Bank Bailout Protest


Saturday 16th May
Central Bank, Dame Street

Government gives away €315 billion to oil corporations!


Long-term Rossport campaigner, Sean Mallory, gives his views on the give away of Ireland’s natural resources and the recession. While the Irish economy was built on a construction boom and massive inward investment, it seemed to go unnoticed that, by our governments own February 2009 estimate, there is €315b euro worth of oil and gas deposits all along our western seaboard. At the same time, the government tells us that it has no money to pay for cervical cancer tests and the construction of specialised multiple sclerosis units, amongst other vital services.

Budget 2008 - Where's the Reaction?


When Brian Lenihan announced his budget last October, two of the measures in particular were met with howls of outrage and his government was forced to back down post haste. The first of these - and the one most people remember because of the dramatic pictures of the Age Action meeting in Westland Row church where Minister of State John Moloney was booed off the stage – was the attempt to take away the automatic entitlement of over-70s to medical cards.

ICTU calls off March 30 strike but we need to Resist To Win


A bully is strolling across a schoolyard in Clara. He steals from, humiliates and hits the other kids. Whatever you decide is the best way to deal with him, there is one thing you probably won’t do. You won’t sit down with him over tea and biscuits and try to hammer out an agreement about how to convince everyone else that bullying is inevitable and might even be good for them.

Big banker bonus payments cuts for the rest of us


If waged employees today do practically all real work, then the capitalist has no role other than collecting dividends, living the high life, and gambling on the Stock Exchange. The big banks, all of which are now kept afloat with our tax money, and most of which are now majority state-owned, are still paying massive “bonuses” to their top people.

Politicians continue to ‘sponge’ off the system


If truth be told, should we be surprised by revelations in recent weeks concerning the expenses of ‘our’ politicians?

The Budget – More of the Same only Worse: Where’s the Reaction?


Lenihan’s budget has continued the political strategy of defending the wealthy. Where is the reaction? Where is the anger?

Burn a Banker- legitimate class anger?


"We are angry that rich people, like him, are paying themselves a huge amount of money, and living in luxury, while ordinary people are made unemployed, destitute and homeless. This is a crime. Bank bosses should be jailed. This is just the beginning."

(Statement released by the anonymous group behind the attack.)

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