Thousands of students demonstrate in Dublin against Education cuts but USI attack their own members


Over twenty thousand students demonstrated in Dublin today against the introduction of student fees and the cutting of student grants. The main demonstration organised by the Union of Students in Ireland (USI)also included a Free Education for Everyone All (FEE) bloc comprised of rank & file students in disagreement with the passive lobbying tactics of the USI leadership.  USI stewards formed a line with Garda to prevent FEE rejoining the demonstration after they led a breakway protest at Fine Gael HQ.

(Pic: From FEE twitterstream
USI stewards form 3 rows
to stop USI members
in FEE joining march)

Hundreds on anti-SNA cuts march for opening of Dail


Up to 800 people gathered in Central Bank plaza and marched on the Dáil with a clear message for the government; change up your policy and start protecting the vulnerable or you will find yourselves out of power in the wilderness along with the previous governing party. Banners were on the march from political organisations, community groups,  parents associations, and National Traveller organisations.  The mood was one of strong defiance. 

This is the fifth protest on this very issue but what people have witnessed is a continuation of the cuts which were started by the previous Government.   There had been a rumour which was converted into a promise by the political parties whilst they were campaigning that they were going to protect the vulnerable in this society.  Politicians campaign in the poetry of promises and govern in the prose of policy and they are fooling nobody with this routine.

Galway sees Day of action against Fine Gael think-in


The Fine Gael party was confronted with angry scenes at not one but two different blockades during a meeting of the parliamentary party in Galway city yesterday.   Taoiseach Enda Kenny and his cabinet were attending their pre-budget think-in at the luxury Radisson hotel when some 30 students from the NUIG Free Education for Everyone (FEE) group and the Students’ Union blockaded the entrance in protest at the government’s policy of education cuts, registration fee increases and the ever-looming prospect of full fees.  They were joined by two dozen members of the Save Roscommon Hospital Alliance who were equally intent on showing the Fine Gael party what they think of their callous indifference to the welfare of the working class. 

Special needs anti-education cuts protest marks end of new Govt. honeymoon


Hundreds of parents, children, teachers, political representatives and people from communities all over the country gathered outside the Dáil on Wednesday to express their anger and dismay at the government’s plan to cut Special Needs Assistants and Resource teachers.    It was possibly the finest day of this patchy summer, and as one father of a young man with Down syndrome put it, we should be at the beach instead of protesting outside the house of elected representatives. He went on to say that his young boy would not be the great young man he is at 17 without the help and dedication of the Special Needs Assistants who’ve worked with him since he started his education.

Reading Group Night: 'Das Kapital' Marx Reading Group, Thursday, June 16, 7pm @ solidaritybooks


Starting in Solidarity Books on Thursday the 16th of June is a reading group for Karl Marx's Capital (or 'Das Kapital' in the original German) Volume 1. For 13 Thursdays we will work our way through the book with the help of David Harvey's 'Capital' lecture series, available here: Whatever your politics, you're welcome to come along and engage with this massively important piece of work.

Final Hacktivism Lecture


Dub: Knowledge Exchange - Free Lectures on Hacktivism and more!


Knowledge is an open collective group that aims to bring education and learning to everyone.

To help breakthrough these obstacles and open learning to everyone Knowledge proposes to run seasons of free public lectures. These short courses will be presented by lecturers who are already well versed in the given area. There are no barriers to taking part and the lectures will be free form, shaped as much by those who come as by the those giving them.

INTO members defy union leadership to reject work-for-free plan


800 delegates representing Irish National Teachers Organisation members from across the country have voted overwhelmingly to reject a government scheme which would have seen unemployed teachers working for free in our schools.

Labour Party plans to punish children for coming from poor families


The election campaign has hardly begun in earnest but already the Labour Party is in the running for the Most Ridiculous Policy Announcement award. While everyone was distracted by the Fianna Fáil/Green Party circus on Sunday last, Labour’s Education spokesperson Ruairi Quinn launched the party’s new policy on tackling Ireland’s Literacy problems ‘Reading As A Right’.

Students! Our education is under attack!


Every year the so called “free education” that is our right, costs us more and more. If the proposed rise in registration fees goes ahead , it will mean many currently enrolled in college will have to drop out and college will simply not be an option for many of the next generation of potential students. All because the politicians are attempting to make the public pay for the mistakes of a small class of wealthy individuals. Many of us are up to our necks in debt, many more live in poverty. Due to the economic downturn, the job prospects when we graduate are poor and those of us lucky enough to find work will be taxed heavily to pay the banks’ and speculators’ debts.

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