Belfast: Picket in solidarity with Amadeu Casellas


Belfast WSM and Anarchist Black Cross will be organising another picket outside Belfast City Hall this Monday 8th September at 5.30 in solidarity with anarchist hungerstriker Amadeu Casellas.

Please banners and placards!

No Justice, No Peace!


Despite the bad weather and the protest being organised at short notice (within a day) as well as a passing interest from the PSNI, the Belfast branch of the WSM, Anarchist Black Cross joined others outside Belfast City Hall this evening as part of the growing national and international campaign. In solidarity with Amadeu Casellas who is now entering his 73rd day on hunger strike; and the opposition to his continued political incarceration and persecution by the Spanish state because of his anarchist beliefs

Emergency Belfast picket in support of anarchist prisoner Amadeu Casellas


The Belfast Branch of the Workers Solidarity Movement and Anarchist Black Cross will be holding an emergency picket outside Belfast City Hall at 5.30 tomorrow (2nd September) in support of Spanish anarchist prisoner Amadeu who has been on hungerstrike for more than 70 days

Dublin: 6pm picket of Spanish Embassy in solidarity with anarchist Amadeu Casellas


The Dublin WSM is picketing the Spanish Embassy at 6pm in Ballsbridge tonight in solidarity with Amadeu Casellas and anarchist prisoner of the Spanish state who is approaching his 70th day on hunger strike. The embassy is very close to the Sydney parade Dart station, please come along at 6pm sharp if you can spare a few minutes.

Film Review: Injustice


“The police are not concerned about protecting me or any of the working class, because they are put here by the ruling class to protect the interests of the rich from the poor. To enforce their laws that keep together their system, that keeps them at the top and the majority at the bottom”.

Dublin protest to save life of former Black Panther


Join the protest in Dublin on Saturday April 19th
2pm, Ballsbridge.

Journalist and former Black Panther, Mumia Abu-Jamal, still faces execution by the US state. Last month the Appeal Court in Philadelphia ruled against a new trial. They have called for a new sentencing hearing, which will result in either an execution or life in prison without parole.

This man has been on death row since 1982. It is widely believed that he was railroaded to jail because of his radical views and personal history. Among those who have taken up his case are:
The National Union of Journalists, the Graphical, Paper & Media Union, International Organisation of Journalists, Nelson Mandela, Salman Rushdie, Rage Against the Machine, Christy Moore, Whoopi Goldberg, Proinsias DeRossa MEP,, Joe Higgins (Socialist Party), Workers Solidarity Movement and the Connolly Youth Movement.

Protests in Ireland and around the world can have an effect. In 1995 a wave of international protest prevented Mumia's execution, even after a date had been set.

Peaceful Demo. in Poland Against US Missile Base Ends In Police Brutality


On Saturday March 29th over 700 people attended a protest at noon in the city of Slupsk, Northern Poland, against the Polish government's plans to permit the construction of a US missile base, part of their notorious 'Star Wars' program. On Friday and Saturday solidarity vigils were held with Polish activists in Prague, Dublin, London, Hamburg, Berlin, Moscow, Washington and the U.S. spy base at Fylingdales in England

Week of action for Iranian oppositionsts


We have received this appeal from the Worker-communist Party of Iran.

Week of Action in support of jailed students and political prisoners in Iran (2–9 Feb 2008)

Putting the gardai under the spotlight


Over 200 people packed into the Royal Dublin Hotel on Dublin’s O’Connell Street in early December for a public meeting on the topic ‘Democracy and Policing: How accountable are the Gardaí to the Irish people?’

Belfast Anarchist Black Cross Statement of Principles


The following is a brief statement of principles for Belfast Anarchist Black Cross, a prisoner support group founded earlier this year.

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