Pogromes en Palestine Un anarchiste israélien sur la résistance juive à l'état d'Israel


Un anarchiste israélien sur la résistance juive à l'état d'Israel
La couverture médiatique des pogromes meurtrier lancé par l'état d'Israel contre les palestiniens laisse de côté une partie de l'histoire. Les soit disant "processus de paix" comme celui d'Irlande du Nord sont basé sur l'institutionalisation du sectarisme plutôt que sur son abolition. Il y a des citoyen-ne-s d'Israel et de Palestine, d'origine juive comme musulmane, qui recherchent quelque chose d'autre que les deux états sectaires rivaux. Ironiquement, l'idéologie derrière les pogromes est le sionisme - la croyance que les juifs ne seront à l'abris des pogromes que dans un pays dirigé par des juifs.

Leafleting for Justice for Terence Wheelock campaign


Terence Wheelock died on 16 September 2005 after sustaining injuries in Garda custody. The family and friends of Terence Wheelock are calling for an independent inquiry into his death.

Benefit for Terence Wheelock Campaign


Porco Dio presents a benefit gig for the Terence Wheelock Campaign this Thursday (November 16th) at Kennedy's Underground, Westland Row, D2. 9pm till late. Terence Wheelock died on the 16th of September 05, from injuries he sustained on the 2nd of June 05 while in the care and custody of the Gardai at Store st Garda station.

Report from the Terence Wheelock Anniverary march


On Saturday 16th September member of the WSM took part in the 'Justice for Terence Wheelock' march from Sean McDermot Street church to Store street Gardai station where he died in custody. The WSM supports the families demand for a full independent enquiry.

Derry; FEIC monthly vigil at Raytheon harrassed by PSNI riot squad, children videotaped


The peaceful and carnival atmosphere at yesterday evenings (Saturday 12 August) FEIC's monthly vigil in front of Raytheon was shattered when 2 landrovers full of riot gear clad PSNI de-bussed and began filming and corralling protesters.

Death by Garda - Terence Wheelock and John Moloney


The deaths of Terence Wheelock and John Moloney in Garda custody have again focused attention on the brutal nature of policing in this state. Brian Rossiter and John Carty are other names from a long list that have a public resonance.

Justice for Terence Wheelock protest


Protest at Store Street Garda Station

Meet at 12:00am at Sean McDermot Street Church

The Love Ulster Riot In Dublin


A small band of fringe nationalists decided to stop the Love Ulster parade. There is no question but that crowd of loyalists are sectarian bigots. During a protest against the release of republican prisoners as part of the Good Friday agreement, their leader, Willie Frazer, was asked about loyalist murder gang prisoners “They should never have been locked up in the first place,” he replied.

Anti-Corruption public meeting in Dublin


Saturday, November 19th, 2005. 2pm at the Mansion House, Dason Street. The Open public meeting will start at 2pm on Saturday 19th November at the Mansion House where the first Dail commenced. The meeting is being chaired by Frank McBrearty, Jnr. It has been organised by the people who were at the Donegal meeting, which was a huge success and where over 500 people turned up to vent their anger and frustration at the level of corruption in this country. The Donegal meeting highlighted the need for an Independent Garda Ombudsman. Justice Ireland is going to highlight the need for an Independent Garda Ombudsman in every large town and city across the country in meetings similar to Donegal and Dublin.

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