A summer of Discontent?


As we as workers and unemployed continue to bear the brunt of the rising cost of living and economic downturn weasel words from current British prime minister Gordon Brown and local administration that they understand ‘our concerns’ and tighten our belts is ok for some with their fat cat salary and the perks. It’s seems that our bosses including trade union bureaucrats are clearly divorced now more than ever from the everyday realities and concerns facing our class.

Belfast Gay Pride 2008


As part of the annual Gay Pride march, Belfast WSM will be assembling at 12pm at Custom House Square.

For more info please contact

Belfast WSM have also produced a leaflet for the event if you would like to download and distribute. see below

What are we Proud of? & who can we rely on? - Belfast Gay Pride 2008


So what are exactly are we proud of? Is it just that we are attracted to a particular gender or genders? Or, are we proud of our courageous history of struggles as Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgendered/ LGBT/ Queer people for our rights, and against bigotry, oppression and hatred?

Belfast Anarchist bookfair


The second annual Belfast Anarchist Bookfair will take place on Saturday 6th September 11 noon until 6.00 pm in the Belfast Unemployed Resource Centre (45-47 Donegall Street).

Belfast: Class struggle in Latin America & Anarchism


Anarchist guest speaker José Antonio Gutiérrez and native of Chile, will present a brief overview of the current anarchist movement in L. America, the left, its challenges and vision as well as what lessons we can learn here from current struggles such as the campaign against water charges and privatisation.

Is Iris Robinson from planet mars?


It seems that DUP MLA Irish Robinson and sections of our local ruling class particular the Democratic Unionist Party have more in common with the Afghan Taliban or mad mullahs in Iran or Saudi Arabia than the British Army these days..... In her latest outburst during a heated debate on the rights to abortion with journalist Eamonn McCann on the popular Nolan Show Iris claimed, “Government has a responsibility to uphold God’s law morally...”

Personal reflection and glimpse of life on benefits in Belfast


When most people think of benefit fraud they usually think of the ‘solitary criminal figure’ that doesn’t want to work and who continually pockets more from the benefit system than they have been allocated. This vision is primarily the image conjured up by the mainstream media, politicians and the gutter press such as the Sun. It’s ok if your filthy rich and wealthy such as the Murdoch mafia who can afford to hire lawyers and keep their money in offshore accounts away from the public gaze.

Belfast: Just Books stall


As part of this year's West Belfast festival, Just Books will have a stall during the Feile Book sale.

Global Day of Action Against Starbucks - Belfast Picket


Organise! and the Belfast branch of the Workers Solidarity Movement and supporters picketed Starbucks in Belfast city centre today from 12 to 1 pm.

Belfast: Global day of Action against Starbucks


Global day of Action against Starbucks in Belfast

Two pickets- 90 Botanic Avenue & Cornmarket/Aurthur Street

Saturday July 5th 12.00

Called by Organise! and Belfast branch of the Workers Solidarity Movement

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