Bel: Eyewitness from the anarchist movement in Russia - public meeting


The Belfast segment of a European speaking tour with an Anarchist from Moscow who will talk about the anarchist movement in Russia, its successes and failures. Antti Rautiainen lived in Moscow for 13 years, participating in anarchist activities. His residence permit was revoked in March of this year, allegedly because he "called for a violent overthrow of constitutional order, or otherwise endangered the safety of Russian Federation or its citizens". He is member of Autonomous Action and the Anarchist Black Cross of Moscow.

Just Books now selling books in Na Croisbhealaí workers co-operative in Belfast


Just Books, the anarchist bookshop, is back selling a wide range of topics such as: Irish and international labour history, Irish politics, anarchism, anti-capitalism, feminism, communism, socialism, sex and sexuality, current affairs, globalisation, racism/anti-racism, environmental issues and more at the Na Croisbhealaí Béal Feirste cafe. 48 King Street Belfast which is open 12-5pm Tuesday to Saturday.

WSM member stop and searched under anti-terror legislation highlighting police harassment


Last night a WSM member along with members of the pressure group 'Republican Network for Unity' was stopped and searched under the Justice & Security Act.  This happened while they were conducting an interview highlighting the growing problem of police harassment in a personal journalistic capacity.

Is paramilitary punishment attacks the answer to crime?


We maybe 10 years on from the signing of the Good Friday but the blight of militarism in the form of the state and vigilantism continues to raise its ugly head and shows little sign of fading away. In fact it is embedded and enshrined in the new discourse which even the hype around the Titanic cannot simply wash away.

Belfast Mayday march


March with the WSM. Saturday May 5th.Previous Belfast mayday poster from 2009

Assemble at the Art College in Royal Avenue at 12.00.

Bel: Anarchists- who we are and what we are up to-public meeting in Belfast

A Workers Solidarity Movement public meeting for everyone interested in finding out more about anarchism. Speakers include Alan Mac Simoin from the Irish Anarchist History archives who will give a brief introduction to the history of anarchism before going on to look at i...ts relevance in Ireland today. Speakers from the WSM and Organise! will outline the various struggles that anarchists in Ireland are currently involved in. There will be time after the presentation for your questions and discussion.

4th Belfast Anarchist Bookfair takes place


The 4th Belfast Anarchist Bookfair took place on Saturday in the Warzone centre in Little Victoria Street. Set up late last year the centre is a neutral space in the heart of the city including a coffee space which promotes alternative gigs and music.  There was a steady stream of people throughout the day event which began at 12pm with many new people coming across anarchist ideas and the wider movement for the very first time.

Black Flag of Anarchism flies over Free Derry - John McGuffin & a history of Free Derry Corner


On the 10th anniversary of the death of former Civil Rights activist and Anarchist John McGuffin, local activists including former friends and comrades gathered in Derry’s Bogside and gave the iconic monument a fitting rebellious make-over with the red and black colours of anarchism. Over the next fortnight the black flag of anarchy will fly over Free Derry corner in a fine tribute. No Gods No Masters!

Belfast Anarchist Bookfair to take place Saturday 28th


The 4thBelfast Anarchist Bookfair will take this Saturday at 12pm in the Warzone centre, Little Victoria Street in the city centre. Hosted by Organise!/Just Books Collective there will be also a WSM stall including the latest Workers Solidarity and Irish Anarchist Review.

There will also be two talks/discussions taking place.  The first at 12.30pm on radical co-operatives, collectives and ‘free space’ will be lead off by a panel of people involved in a range of co-operatives, occupations and collectives.

Belfast bus drivers take wildcat strike action to re-instate work colleague


Belfast city centre was brought to a standstill this morning after up to 100 metro workers took unofficial wildcat action in protest against the suspension of a work colleague over ’misconduct.’ Those on strike parked their empty buses outside City Hall in a show of solidarity for a driver they say has been suspended for allegedly damaging the disabled ramp of a bus. Talks were then held between Translink bosses and union representatives in a bid to resolve the dispute. Following a meeting on the grounds of Belfast city hall between workers and union officials with angry words being exchanged over a range of issues including working conditions, workers agreed to return to work following assurances that the sacked driver would be immediately re-instated.

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