Anarchy magazine No 6 - published 1970


Anarchy Magazine was an anarchist magazine published in London from the 1960s. It was originally published by Colin Ward. A second series was published in the 1970s and 1980s from London. Issue No 6 published in 1970 was largely given over to articles written by members of People's Democracy. The PDF file linked to here is a scan of that issue, we have also transcribed some of the articles.

Belfast May Day march


March with the WSM. Saturday May 5th.

Assemble at Custom House Square at 11.30am and march to Georges Market, where there will be stalls, music, food and a full bar.

Organised by the Belfast & District Council of Trade Unions

Sinn Fein Learn to Love the Police


There was no surprise when Sinn Fein voted to support the PSNI, the republican leadership does not usually put anything to a vote unless they are already pretty sure of the result. This does not mean they found it easy, it was a bitter pill for them to swallow. The IRA used to shoot cops and the cops used to shoot them. Now they have to ask their supporters to assist the PSNI, even join them.

Water Tax - Northern parties united in collusion, Communities united in opposition


It's like the topsy-turvy world of George Orwell's "1984" where politicians engage in "double-speak" by saying they are doing one thing, while in fact doing exactly the opposite. Nobody could think the Water Charges are a fair way to pay for the upkeep of the dilapidated water and sewage system that the State has neglected for decades. The Anti-Poverty Network has calculated that 37% of the household rates we already pay goes towards their upkeep.

Sinn Fein Vote To Back PSNI


On Sunday Sinn Fein voted to support the Police Service of Northern Ireland at their extraordinary ard fheis which was attended by approximately 1,000 delegates. The vote, which was recorded by a show of hands, came after 6 hours of debate and a series of amendments which Sinn Fein claim will “enhance the proposal”. The build-up to the ard fheis saw an unprecedented amount of positive press for Sinn Fein with the media calling today’s event a “historical moment” and suggesting that the party has finally matured beyond it’s revolutionary past. A Sunday Business post poll stated that 56% of people questioned would be more likely to vote for the party if they support the PSNI.

ICTU call for non-payment of water charges


A non-payment campaign has been launched by the Irish Congress of Trade Unions through 'Trade Unions Against Water Charges'. The campaign advocates non-payment of the water charges, which are due to be introduced in April 2007, as the best way to overturn the Government’s proposals.

Voyez un peu qui parle !


UN SCORPION, c'est une creature qui pique d'abord et pose des questions après. Quant un male et une femelle scorpion se rencontrent et désirent «aller plus loin» ils doivent d'abord passer par une longue danse rituelle très complexe afin d'établir la bonne foi de l'autre. On pourrait penser que quelque chose de similaire est en train de se passer actuellement dans les discussion mutlipartites à Belfast. Selon l'Irish Times, «les discussions doivent passer à une vitesse supérieur si le processus veut gagner une certaine crédibilité». Une source gouvernementale Irlandaise citée par le Sunday Tribune (16/11/97) déclarait «il existe un sentiment que plus de fermeté est requise»

Irlande : choisir le bon combat


Voici, tel qu'on la trouve dans le Monde Libertaire #1077, la traduction francaise d'un texte extrait de Workers Solidarity, qui a paru en v.o. sur a-infos il y a quelques jours. Il n'est pas necessaire de preciser ici tout le bien qu'il faut penser de Workers Solidarity !

Το κείμενο που ακολουθεί είναι προκήρυξη που μοίρασαν μέλη του WSM στο Μπέλφα


Προκήρυξη του Workers Solidarity Movement

Το κείμενο που ακολουθεί είναι προκήρυξη που μοίρασαν μέλη του WSM στο Μπέλφαστ.

Reportagem do Mini-Festival Anarquismo Não-Caos


Neste último sábado, dia 30 de setembro, vimos o Dungoe Bar na cidade de Derry [Irlanda], sediar um dia de conversas, filmes e músicas anarquistas, promovidos pelo Movimento de Solidariedade dos Trabalhadores [Workers Solidarity Movement]. O evento que foi organizado por membros locais do WSM de Derry, viu pessoas vindas de Dublin, Suíça, Copenhegem e Belfast, assim como as agrupações locais para se discutir idéias anarquistas.

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