Thomas Cooke workers show the way - Don’t be bullied by state or bosses


When a force of 80 – 100 gardai arrived at the Thomas Cooke office in Grafton Street Dublin at 5a.m. on Tuesday 4th August, smashed the door down, and dragged 28 protesting workers off to the Bridewell Garda Station, the Irish state was attempting to deliver a strong message to all workers.

Demonstration in support of arrested Thomas Cooke workers


Demonstration at Four Courts at 1p.m., Tuesday 4th August

A Victory for the Thomas Cook Workers is a Victory for Us All


In a bid to close its outlets in Ireland, the Thomas Cook travel agents has begun by attempting to sack 44 workers at its two offices located on North Earl St. and Grafton St. in Dublin’s city centre.

March to support Dublin port strikers


Show your support for the MTL strikers

Monday August 10th: gather at 10.30am at either
Ray's Shop, Sean Moore Road, Ringsend
Seabank bar, East Wall Road

We will join up at the East Link bridge and then march together to support the strikers at the MTL depot.

Organised by the Dublin Port Workers Support Group

Dublin: Organizing the Digital Assembly Line: Labour’s Resistance in the Call Centre


Low pay. High stress. Constant surveillance. Here one day and
outsourced the next. Call centre work has exploded in the last 20
years, but delivers precarious and highly exploitative jobs.

Direct Action Gets the Goods: Visteon Occupation Pays Off


The occupation of the Visteon motor parts factory in Belfast ended on May 3rd when the company gave in and agreed pay extra compensation of between six month’s and nearly two year’s money to the workforce for the loss of their jobs.

Striking back against wage cuts


The Workers Solidarity Movement is calling on our fellow workers to support the national TEEU strike. This is an important battle for all of us, the first big blow against the employers’ wage-cutting agenda.

The strike is about an overdue 11% pay rise. The 10,500 TEEU members employed by electrical contractors at about 240 sites and factories have not been paid their agreed increases for more than three years. And now their employers want a 10% wage cut as well.

More Government Lies about Public sector wages


From the outset of the financial mess the Irish Government currently find themselves is, they have tried pinning the blame on anyone but themselves and their big business buddies. They have been quite willing to perpetuate lies and untruths in order to deflect public ire away from themselves.

Belfast: Justice for sacked Traffic Attendants


In April 2009, twenty six traffic attendants were sacked in Belfast for resorting to a half-day un-official strike, after management ignored their grievances over working conditions.

Dublin: SIPTU Community Sector Branch- Call for Action -


SIPTU Community Sector Branch- Call for Action -

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