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Conference being called by group of trade union activists

The politics of direct action and the struggle of the Visteon workers


On Saturday 9th May, the Belfast branch of the WSM held a public meeting at An Culturlann in West Belfast on ‘Can Direct Action achieve success’.

Contributions from former Visteon workers, Dessie McEnroe and Mark O’Hara on their participation in the occupation, building links with fellow workers and lessons learnt.

Here is a short report and audio recording from the discussion.

Dublin May Day March 2009


WSM will be taking part in the 2009 Dublin 'Mayday' march this Saturday at 2pm organised by the Dublin Council of Trade Unions. Come along and celebrate with us.

Former Visteon worker to speak in West Belfast


Press release

Belfast discussion: Can Direct Action achieve change?


Public meeting:

The Visteon workers have shown that we are far from powerless in resisting job and pay cuts. The discussion will focus on the Visteon/Ford workplace occupations, solidarity and the politics of direct action.

Interview with Charlie Maxwell- Deputy convenor at Ford/Visteon Belfast plant


Interview conducted today at the plant. Workers remain determined to achieve their demands despite attempts by the administrators to evict them.

Solidarity is Strength!

Why We Celebrate on Mayday


The struggle against capitalism and authority is constant but each year on May Day the labour movement takes time out to celebrate its history and achievements. Rather than dwell on the hardships of struggle we take to the streets and remember what it is we are aiming for - the emancipation of our class. Climbing a mountain means paying close attention to the ground you walk but it's important to look up now and again in order to focus on exactly where it is you're headed.

What Can a Strike Achieve?


People often pose the question, what can a strike achieve? The WSM policy on trade unions states the following: “What is anarchism? When we get down to basics, it is workers collectively running a free society. Instead of taking orders from the boss and serving his/her mad rush for profit at any cost, it is about working together for the common good.

Visteon occupations - Taking Direct Action


The Visteon occupations show that we are far from apathetic when it comes to defending our jobs, wages and standard of living. Workers began occupying the Finaghy plant on March 31st, after administrators announced the loss of around 600 jobs at Visteon/Ford plants at Belfast, Basildon and Enfield in England. Davy McMurray, from the Unite trade union, said the way the job cuts were announced was "brutal." Workers were given six minutes notice of their sackings, being treated like mere commodities to be bought and sold, then discarded by our bosses when necessary.

Cork: Mayday March


Mayday each year is a time for workers to celebrate our history and a time to recharge our batteries for the difficult task at hand - overthrowing capitalism and achieving emancipation for our class!

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