Dublin - picket of Starbucks 2pm July 5th


The Workers Solidarity Movement is helping to organise a picket of the Starbucks on Dame street in Dublin, at 2pm on Saturday 5th July in solidarity with the Global Day of Action called by Starbucks union organisers in Spain and the USA.

Demo at Lionbridge. Defend the right to organise a Union!


In December 2007, workers in the Polish office of Lionbridge - a multinational translation company - created a trade union based on non-hierarchical principles – KFP. On Feb. 12, 2008, Jakub G., a workplace union representative in Lionbridge Poland, was summarily dismissed.

Meeting to Organise Starbucks Protest


Meeting to organise protest on Saturday July 5th against recent firing of CNT member in Spain and continuing anti-union discrimination in Grand Rapids, Illinois, USA.

Dublin honours anti-apartheid strikers


In 1984 ten young women and one young man, members of MANDATE trade union, started a long strike at Dunnes Stores in Dublin's Henry Street. They walked the picket line in support of their union's policy of solidarity with the anti-apartheid struggle and boycotting South African products.

It only ended when the government agreed to ban the import of South African fruit & veg until the apartheid regime was overthrown.

The trade union movement and the Lisbon treaty


A number of weeks ago, a member of the INTO (Irish National Teachers Organisation) submitted a letter for publication in the union magazine ‘In Touch’. This was in response to a request in the previous issue of the magazine for members to write letters for publication.

Sacked Airport Workers recommence Hunger and Thirst Strike


About 20-30 people today turned out for the lunchtime rally in support of the 3 sacked airport workers who have renewed their hunger and thirst strike. Gordon McNeill is on his 5 day of hunger and thirst strike and breaking news is that he has just been rushed to hospital in a critical condition. Message of support and solidarity were read out on behalf of the Northern Ireland Fire Brigades Union and teachers union INTO including prominant playright Jimmy McGovern who stated,

"Remember the way the TGWU betrayed the Liverpool dockers? I bet you thought no union could ever sink so low again. I did too. We were wrong. The way in Unite has treated the Belfast Airport workers is a disgrace. Unite's leaders should hang their heads in shame."

Solidarity On The Cork Docks with crew of The Defender


In mid April, Cork dock workers took action in support of the crew of The Defender, a cargo ship owned by Forestry Shipping from Riga, Latvia but registered in Cambodia. The Defender had nine crew on board and was carrying cargo for delivery in the Cork area.

Belfast: Just Books Presents Ken Loach's Bread and Roses


7pm Saturday 10th May

Housing Executive to cut 400 jobs


Members of the public service union, NIPSA, were protesting outside the Housing Executive on March 26th. The Union has accused management of sacking over 60 temporary staff in the past few weeks without any consultation, and without any arrangements being made to cover the work. Bosses had previously agreed to take no action until the union had seen new staffing plans, but then went ahead and broke the agreement.

Belfast: Direct action gets the goods!


Following three successful pickets of Delaney’s restaurant in Belfast sacked worker Dasa Kacova has won all her demands and been offered her job back.

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