Support the Eye Cinema strikers


Workers at the Eye Cinema, Galway, members of SIPTU’s Galway No 1 branch, are in dispute with their employer - local property tycoon Gerry Barrett.

Belfast march in support of classroom assistants


Wednesday September 26th, 2007

To mark the first day of sustained industrial action. classroom assistants - who are members of the Northern Ireland Public Service Aliance - are holding a march and Rally in Belfast.

12.30 assemble Writers Square, Donegall Street (facing St Anne's cathedral)
1.00 March to Custom House Square
1.30 Rally

After many years of management stalling, Classroom Assistants have voted overwhelmingly for industrial action in the fight for against a pay cut and for fairer job evaluation.

Support from other Trade Unionists, parents & members of the public would be very much appreciated.

Postman Pat says 'Stuff Your Paycut!'


From June to mid-August, postal workers in the North and in Britain were taking industrial action. Management are on the offensive, and the action was to protect existing conditions.

In a display of cross-border common purpose An Post bosses are also having a go, with conditions under attack as a prelude to selling off parts of the service to private companies. So, An Post workers have a special interest in how the Communications Workers Union dispute progresses

Workers Occupation of Reilly Bookbinders in Wicklow Pays Off


The boss is shown the door and the workers take over. That’s what happened for a month at Reilly Bookbinders on the Murrough Industrial Estate in Wicklow town.The company had been in Wicklow for 30 years. Then four years ago it was taken over by Dunne and Wilson (Ireland) Ltd.. Two years later the building from which the company operated was sold to the Wicklow Enterprise Centre for over €900,000. It is understood to have been acquired by Dunne and Wilson for between €400,000 and €450,000. Then, this summer, boss Richard Geraghty told staff that the lease was up on August 1st and their work was being relocated to the Czech Republic.

Capitalism - A Reward for (someone else's!) Hard Work


A recent WSM public meeting in Dublin about anarchism saw something a bit different; members of Fine Gael turning up to defend capitalism. We were told it’s a great system and the rich are simply enjoying the rewards of hard work.

Know Your Rights Information Stall


Volunteers needed

An Post Staff to be Dumped in Deregulation?


An Post workers have been on the receiving end of a series of substantial blows which have held down pay rates and undermined rights with regard to status. The late 1970’s and early 1980’s saw strikes and protests by the workers to improve conditions, but recent years have seen management back on the offensive. The latest attack comes in the shape of “deregulation”, just another word for privatisation. If it isn’t stopped it’s going to impact on all of us for the worse.

Chilean Timber Workers Union wins 52% wage rise


The Building and Wood Workers’ International reported, earlier this summer, the end of a strike of more than 7,000 workers against CAC – the largest forestry and pulp producing company in Chile.

The Chilean Timber Workers Union won a raise in wages of 12% for the highest earners and a 52% rise for the lowest earners. All other demands had been met prior to the strike, which was called in response to the company's offer of a 5% raise.

Post Office workers' protest




Workers - Know Your Rights


IWU Information stall and leafletting

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