September 2007

Belfast march in support of classroom assistants


Wednesday September 26th, 2007

To mark the first day of sustained industrial action. classroom assistants - who are members of the Northern Ireland Public Service Aliance - are holding a march and Rally in Belfast.

12.30 assemble Writers Square, Donegall Street (facing St Anne's cathedral)
1.00 March to Custom House Square
1.30 Rally

After many years of management stalling, Classroom Assistants have voted overwhelmingly for industrial action in the fight for against a pay cut and for fairer job evaluation.

Support from other Trade Unionists, parents & members of the public would be very much appreciated.

John Gormley Gives Coursing Go Ahead


Green Party Minister John Gormley has given the green light for the Irish Coursing Club to capture hares for the coming enclosed hare coursing season. For those of you unfamiliar with coursing it basically consists of releasing two greyhounds to compete in pursuing a hare. Traditionally this was done in open fields with large numbers of men usually forming a human circle to enclose the chase and eventually break the circle to free the hare after a winning dog was chosen. As time went on and the sport became more professionalised enclosed coursing was developed where an enclose space was used to course captured hares.

Support the Eye Cinema strikers


Workers at the Eye Cinema, Galway, members of SIPTU’s Galway No 1 branch, are in dispute with their employer - local property tycoon Gerry Barrett.

Workers Solidarity 99 - September/October 2007


The September/October 2007 issue of Workers Solidarity is now online and can be downloaded as a PDF file.


Something Rotten in Store Street
Postman Pat Says 'Stuff Your Pay Cut'
Why Ireland Never Got Nuclear Power
Workers Occupation Pays Off
The Great Gas Robbery
That's Capitalism
Is Equal Pay Possible?
Climate Change; Delusion and Hypocrisy
Anarchism and the WSM
Anarchists Against the Wall

Residents Against Racism Fundraiser


Fund raiser October 18th