November 2007

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Jack White pre conference social and discussion


Friday 2nd at 8-30

Break the World Bank street party - Monday 12th November


Meet at 12pm Connolly Station - Assemble at 1pm at the Grand Hotel Malahide.

Old WSM Environment & Animal Rights position paper - replaced 2007


This is the text of the old 'Environment & Animal Rights' position paper.  It was removed at the 2007 National Conference and is kept here for archiving purposes. You can read the current paper 'The Environment'

Israeli Anarchist Speaks in Cork


On last Thursday night the Cork branch of the Workers’ Solidarity Movement hosted a talk from Leiser Peles, an anarchist from Israel who is active with the Anarchists against the Wall. The talk was held at the Metropole Hotel and was attended by about forty people.

Workplace Educational Archive


This is an archive of some talks given to WSM meetings between 1991 and 2007 on the general subjects of class politics, trade unionism and the changing nature of the working class.  For more articles and talks check the relevant subject indices

Limerick Meeting: What Is Anarchism


Forthcoming meeting on anarchism ...

Dublin IWU - fundraising pub quiz


Thursday 22nd November

What's wrong with the World Bank?


The World Bank and its sisters organisations of global capitalism, the IMF and WTO have their origins in the United Nations Monetary and Financial Conference at Bretton Woods, New Hampshire, in July 1944. Although the World Bank attempts to present the goal of the organisation as “reducing poverty”, this has never been their objective. Their main objective is to fund large-scale power and infrastructure projects in the third world to prepare the way for the exploitation of these countries natural resources and cheap labour by northern corporations.

Support the Bus workers


Drivers from Harristown Garage are marching on Dublin Bus Head Office in O'Connell Street tomorrow (Wednesday 14th) . The march starts at 11am from the Garden of Remembrance on Parnell Square.

Rossport Rises Again - Nov 2007 day of action report


Friday 9th November saw hundreds of people travel from around Ireland to show solidarity with dozens of local Corrib protesters in the latest 'day of action' against the attempt by Shell to impose a dangerous experimental gas pipeline on the community. WSM members from Dublin and Cork took part in the protests, here we present their account of what happened along with a selection of photographs from

Stand up for Striking Busworkers


As the grey misty rain fell throughout the day – you truly knew it was winter. The fact that over 300 bus workers were gathered in this dog of an afternoon outside Dublin Bus HQ would indicate that we all have entered the season of discontent.

La Comuna de Paris


En 1871 Francia fue a la guerra con Prusia y fue derrotada. La cabeza del gobierno nacional era Adolphe Thiers, él tuvo que negociar los detalles de la paz con Prusia. Después de hacer esto tuvo que afrontar el problema de volver a controlar Paris, de convencer a la ciudad de que la guerra con Prusia había terminado y del desarme de la Guardia Nacional. A Thiers sólo se le permitían 12.000 soldados después de la tregua, y con ellos tuvo que hacer frente a varios cientos de miles de guardias nacionales.

In English:

El Soviet de Limerick de 1919


La huelga que iba a precipitar la formación del Soviet de Limerick fue convocada por la muerte de Robert Byrne un republicano y Trade Unionista.

This article in English

Byrne había trabajado como telefonista en la Oficina de Correos de Limerick. En enero de 1919 perdió su trabajo. Fue expulsado por asistir al funeral de un volutario de Limerick (John Daly). Algunos días más tarde la casa de sus padres fue tomada por la policía. Byrne fue arrestado y sentenciado a 12 meses de prisión con trabajos forzados por posesión ilegal de un revolver y munición.

Review of 'The Many Headed Hydra' by Peter Linebaugh and Marcus Rediker


The book is about the circulation of revolutionary ideas around the Atlantic. The authors don't set out to prove their thesis of circulation and improvement of revolutionary ideas systematically with tables of figures and statistics. Instead the book is a series of case studies, interesting in themselves, but each showing common features.

The 100th issue of Workers Solidarity



This is the 100th issue of Workers Solidarity. Why do we bother? After all, nobody gets paid for writing, or doing layout, or stuffing envelopes, or putting copies through neighbours’ letterboxes, or giving them out at union meetings or in city centres. 

Well, we are sick and tired of a system that won’t provide us with decent health care, or economic security, or affordable housing. We are sick and tired of a system that pays farmers in one country not to grow food while people in another country starve to death, a system that spends billions on weapons of mass destruction but won’t cough up to keep people alive.

Report on Autumn 2007 WSM National Conference


The Workers Solidarity Movement held its Autumn 2007 National Conference in Dublin on the 3rd/4th November. National conferences take place every six months and are the prime decision making body on positions and priorities for the organisation. All WSM members can attend, vote and submit motions and amendments either as individuals or as groups.

Organising for Anarchism: Public Meeting and Discussion


Organising for Anarchism: Public meeting and discussion in Limerick
this Saturday, Nov 24th.

Democracy and policing - public meeting


How accountable are the gardaí to the Irish people

Report Slams Irish Prisons


A report by the European Committee for the Prevention of Torture has found that conditions in several Irish prisons are extremely unsafe.

Kilkenny woman Susie Long dies due to health system failure


In Ireland we like to think that we’ve long ago abolished the death penalty; that we’ve progressed beyond such primitive practices, that we’re too civilized for that. But Irish people are still being sentenced to death, and not even for crimes they have committed but for the crimes of our murderous health system. Long waiting lists, unhygienic hospitals, downgrading of regional hospitals, are all symptoms of a rotten institution that refuses to reform.

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